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Question for anyone in the know re: WA MMJ laws and qualifying conditions

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PrestoD, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Do migraines qualify under WA state laws? It doesn't really look like it in the actual law. I read the page linked in another thread.
    Chronic pain, I suppose?
    I'm being treated for migraines, but it is on an as needed basis, and it is the one thing that really sticks out to me. I never had these fucking things when I regularly toked. Only when I quit for jobs, etc.

    I have plenty of other weird health issues that are so much more of a problem when I'm "sober". Digestive things primarily, I'm gluten intolerant, and also have a whole list of other foods I can't tolerate now.

    I was reading this list, and I thought I'd check qualifying conditions, while I don't see migraines in the actual WA laws, it keeps showing up when I google "migraines WA MMJ laws", as a condition that people have received a card for.

    I have documentation in my medical records, could I qualify?

    This only just occured to me to ask, I should probably try to get in touch with one of the clinics for the "straight dope", so to speak. LOL!

    Any help greatly appreciated! Husband would be more at ease with a tiny little shred of the law on my side, I'm sure. :)
  2. You qualify, as you have chronic pain. SNRI's like Cymbalta, which really helps with pain (it's very popular in workers comp for when injured workers in pain get depressed), are very effective treatments for chronic migraines.

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