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Discussion in 'General' started by Redhead Smoka, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. So my dog ran off this morning (again) and I wanted to go get her, but the thing is all my neighbors grow. Would you be pissed if someone went through your yard past your grow to get their dog? From what I've heard they actually enjoy having her around because she plays with their dogs, but she's not fixed so we don't really want her running off.
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    Maybe you can knock on their door and ask them if she's in their yard?
  3. I would, but I have no idea where their doors are. Just the way all the houses and yards and driveways are makes it really confusing. One of my neighbors dogs came over, so I kinda took her and left and she met up with my dog and they played and ran up to what I think is her house. Took forever to get napa (my dog) home because ceela (their dog) came back with us and they played the whole way home. As much as we want Napa to have puppies, if this keeps going on we might just have to get her fixed :( so we can let her run free.
  4. I would be cautious but i'd go to their door unless ur cool with ur neighbors. Which it sounds like you are. Sometimes getting her fixed is the best thing for them.

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