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  1. I myself am not a grower, I failed terribly last year :( so I just shop my local stores, pay way to much but I like the service.

    My question is, in my line of work, security dog training, I would like to help our local growers learn how to use there dog for protection or even go as far as to provide one.

    I have heard so many times of dogs being abused and mistreated and I feel a highly trained dog would help in some if not most situations. I also know in my home, with my son a gun is not allowed and my protection dog is.

    Most our trained dogs go for about 5k and that is a designer dog, trained, pet first, attacked dog trained on command and will stop on command, shipped if not local and if for any reason, besides medical, death, abuse, the dog doesn't do its job, we will be retrain for free.

    Now my question is, what are your thoughts?
    I would think delivery personnel would benefit.
    Large farms or even small back yards
    Am i wasting my time trying to create an advertisement?
  2. 5k is a bunch of money. Probably not going to get many inquaries from your average home grower growing for personal use. Maybe from peeps who supply dispensaries.

    Another thing to think about is IF the grower gets busted you KNOW that when the story airs its gonna be like " 15 plants were confiscated with a street value of $667,000,000 an 'undisclosed' (@$150) amount of cash and a TRAINED ATTACK DOG."

    Not worth the extra heat if you ask me.
  3. 5k is a lot, both of my APBT's were under 1k combined. But I like the idea, rippers getting what they deserve? lol

  4. Right but 5k is for a Belgian Malinois or German Shepard, papered, trained, aged 1 to 2 years old. The training takes a full year if not more.
    Plus vet checked, full screening for hip disorders and any other genetics, obedience trained to stop in mid attack. Police dog training, military training. Hardcore training, that the purchaser has nothing to do but keep it fresh.

    Wanna good laugh? I let on of our dogs attack me, a very shy lady.

    First time decoy training with Belgian Malinois Dasko - YouTube

    be prepared to winch in pain
  5. Trained Protection Dog 100% legal. but yes 5k is a lot but consider its for 14 years of protection and a high level of obedience.

    I think honestly it might sound better to people who have lost 70k in crops as my brother did at gun point last year.

    so i know its the right market I got to find, i just want feelers
  6. bahaha soo true. Not to mention pigs like to kill any sort of 'menacing' animal :( what kinda dogs are we talking about? 5k is definitely a lot
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    Belgian Malinois typical police dogs, military dogs

  8. Im not doubting the level of training. I've worked with Triple Canopy dog handlers in Iraq (malinois) and was bitten with the sleeve on, hard ass bite. Im also not arguing the value. 5k is actually a bargain for a dog so highly trained. But you have to see that IF there is a bust or if the dog bites someone and the police respond to find an "attack dog" and a shit ton of cannabis plants its not going to look good. You know the grower will be automatically labeled a villain. Sorry but thats the truth.

    Good luck anyway, hope it works for you.

    Thats fine and all but those dogs (police and military)are looked at as crime stoppers, in the "wrong" hands their looked at as evil weapons.
  9. Oh cool, I actually know this kid in the military with that kinda dog, thought it was just a german shepard.
  10. Cool idea. How ever I think that growers are inherently paranoid and well very likely should be. Having a dog around would help but honestly I would worry about again the biting all it takes is the wrong person at the wrong place and time for something bad to happen. I would tend to think that growers would lean more towards a computer security system with night vision motion sensor etc for that kind of money. I have a dog a very well behaved trained dog and there are still some times where shes just a dog and will misbehave. Ive seen the best dogs still get worked up by something as stupid as a cat or the damn smell of a person with other animals on them. I'm a dog lover and will probably always own one but a lot of people aren't and just see them as another mouth to feed and a liability.
  11. I appreciate the feedback.
  12. pretty sound idea. I love my dog, but a protector he is not. A well treated dog will almost never attack unless needed to of course, i don't doubt that either. However I know for a fact that my well maintained firearm will never cause harm unless I make it do so. Lock it up and teach children about gun safety and all should be well.

    Both dog and gun, are going to be frowned on heavily if ever caught growing. That i agree whole heartedly with, like most others said. I was a firearm owner before I was a grower. I didn't buy any gun with the purpose of home protection but a couple of them will do just that very well if need be. To use either option to shoo cops off is silly. If they are already there, you lost, don't let a dog die trying to protect your shit and it's certainly not worth a shoot out. IMO
  13. i think its a great idea. those dogs can be trained so well... anyone with a large backyard plot that is worried about thieves right before harvest would sleep well with one of those poochs on to mention that they become members of the family you cant really put a price on that a security system that gives kisses:) some pure bred dogs can cost 5k without the training..eek

  14. wow i wsa thinking the same thing ,so i bought a thouroughbreed german shepherd,shes just a baby 8 wks old, was not looking for attac dog just deterence,,funny at 8 wks as soon as some one touches my fence,she barks like crazy,prob couse shes scared but a good idea,,good reading:hello:
  15. It is a good idea i am a firm believer in a good guard dog. Actually in the market for one now yet your main problem is going to be the price maybe you would be better off offer different levels of training for lower price. A dog should never be used against the popo but to keep people off your property. by posting guard dog on duty signs covers your ass. I have found that a big dog that barks at people is plenty enough to deter normal crooks. But since most people know you and your dog most times they don't help why i always put my dogs up around people.

    And dogs being dogs im sure have ruined as many plants as saved due to eating or knocking over whatever but grand idea i would advertise to a larger base. For a grower give them a 1k 100 lb dog let him bark at people and be on your way.

    My step dad was a k9 officer and let me tell you those attack dogs are HIGHLY unstable when they move to a new place news owners. I would not advise buying a dog over 6mths just so he can socialize with your lifestyle.
  16. You want to slang attack dogs? That is disgusting. Are you even screening these people you sell to? Disturbed people would pick up on this in a fucking flash.

    Dog's don't need to be trained to attack/stop attacking by command. If they are shown love and affection then they will protect you when the time is right. I do not support and mistreatment of animals and I WILL go out of my way to see to it that they are not in harms way.
  17. trained dogs are not mistreated by knowledgeable trainers, and actually should be trained to attack/stop that way when the time is right or your dog deems the time is right you want to have control of your dog. Responsible dog owners are responsible for their dogs actions at all times. Dogs were breed to do a task they love "working" for their owners. PETA people remind me of people who dislike medical marijuana. Have alot of "beliefs" which is based solely on propaganda. Please be your own person and not the world's puppet, research the facts before you jump to conclusions.
  18. Right, I'm the "world's puppet".

    Of course dogs are not mistreated by certain owners and "responsible owners", are you not coherent to the fact that disturbed people would love to get their hands on these attack dogs? Are you unaware that even some dog pounds will screen each person wanting to buy a dog? Those dogs have no such training to "attack".

    Yes, I am PETA, and I am AGAINST MMJ. That's why I contribute to this site... "FACE PALM"!!!

    Yes, it is important for a dog to stop attacking when receiving the command to do so. But, it is so important for the dog to know the command to attack as well? Like I already stated, a loving and caring individual will already have the protection of their animal, which will most likely NOT attack anyone unless they are harming their master.

    I have a dog "breed for attack purposes" and he is the sweetest dog I have ever encountered, he would NEVER attack someone unless they were physically harming me. He gets his pleasure of "working" for me by exercising, playing, doing normal commands like heel and stay with consistent rewards.
  19. So let say for your purposes that a disturbed person was trying to get ahold of an attack dog. One way or another they are going to get a dog most likely a puppy instead they abuse like fucking retards to try to make it mean. To me if anything in your rare situation of a "disturbed" person looking for a 5k dog this guys method would save a dog from a life of cruelty and torment by giving the "disturbed" guy the dog he wanted.

    think about what your saying before you say it "PUPPET" the guy has a good idea high priced but good idea. These growers want piece of mind some goon is not gonna steal their crop much like a junkyard not wanting their things stolen DOGS ARE THE ORIGINAL HOME PROTECTION DEVICE.

    hmm maybe ill name my next pup Brinks just for you
  20. Clever.

    So you can't make these attack dogs mean? Just because they are attack dogs doesn't mean anything except for the fact that they are ready to be used.

    Rare situation? You must just turn a blind eye, you have no idea what youre even saying.

    There is no point is trying to prove something so important to someone who is so uncapable of comprehending.

    Go ahead, name your dog after me if your that fuckin creepy.

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