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Question for all Canadian stoners out there?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by prorathack, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. #1 prorathack, Jun 8, 2009
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    I would like to know prices of weed in CAD for people who live in Toronto or North York.
    I would like to know quality and price/gram.

    I want to know if I'm getting good deals or getting ripped.
    I just talked to this guy - (he is always hustling), and he is not really one of my friends(made beef with his close friend like a year ago, and never talk to his friend anymore) but we know and talk to each other every now and then -,and he told me he might get me kush for 10$/gram. Didn't tell me which 'kush', and I don't think he knows.

    Anybody have an idea of what kind of "Kush" is widely available in here? And could a high quality strain like kush could be 10$CAD/gram? I see people posting they pay up to 20$US/gram for kush but then people saying that in Canada is way cheaper so I really need to know please.
    Help would really be appreciated.

    Oh btw, this other guy, I heard he sells real dank shizzle to my friend, but for 15$/gram... He said it's really dank but I find it a little too much... Is he buying it for 10$/gram and selling to me for 15$?? Because I'm sure he's not growing it.
    My friend doesn't smoke weed a lot and only bought from him once.
    Waiting for your input...
  2. over in ottawa all my dealer ever has is high mids-dank, and i have another dealer with all the good shit( ak-47, white rhino, etc)

    the prices i pay for the high mids(very yummy)

    1/8= 25-30$

    1/4= 45-50$

    1/2= 90-100

    OZ= 160-170$

    and only pay a bit more for dank, around here it's whatever comes through is what you get(reg, mids, dank) the prices don't really change much

    from my second dealer i get the dank for 35$ 1/8, 55$ 1/4, 110$ 1/2, 190-200$ OZ:smoking:
  3. for the regular fairly dank bud... $10/g no variance thats just the price.Even for good dank me and everyone I know pays $10. Never more never less. In rare cases you can find it for more, but it isin't worth it.
  4. I live in Nova Scotia (East Coast) but I pay $10/Gram for some pretty good stuff :)
  5. Im waaaaaaaay over in NB, but i visit TDot every so often.

    Anything over 10/g in Canada is bullshit.
    10/g is standard, but expect discounts the more you buy.
  6. (im from london on.)ye man thats pretty good for kush, i usually get good mids for $10/g i picked up some purple kush a few days ago and that was $15/g. so yea you will get a nice deal, buy an 1/8 at least though.
  7. im in that reagion and can allways find a dank QP for 500-550
  8. My bro just picked up a fruity 1/8th of Blueberry here in BC for 25$. Thats the most i've ever paid for an 1/8th, works out to like less than 8$/gram for some pretty nice shit:smoking:

    Unfortunately that doesn't help you that much, since you want Toronto prices. But I think you can expect those kinds of prices around most of Canada, generally speaking.

    Just dont go over like 10-12$/gram max, def not 20$/gram like U.S prices, ugh.
  9. its pretty much the same wherever its populated in canada. except bc its minutely cheaper lol i heard like 8$/g 15/2g kinda like good hookup prices except all day for them lol
  10. In Collingwood (about 2 hrs from toronto) ive gotten orange kush and purple kush quite a bit and paid about $10CDN/gram every time

  11. sup bro. i live in scarbs normally, i'm up in london for school.
    first off, 10$/g is the usual price it goes for in toronto.
    if he says he's getting you kush chances are yes it'll be kush, but who knows what kind.
    @ 15$/g for "DANK" that's not bad at all..
    i mean, smoke the "dank" first to make sure its legit. but hey, if you've smoked the 15$/g stuff before and you know its dank then its fine :)

    but the norm is 10$/g for regs/mids.
  12. I'm from Newfoundland and It's never over 10/g here unless there's a dry spell.
    But you never really have a choice with the weed, you take what you can get.
  13. yo i'm around toronto to a lot, and I can tell you $10 a gram is fine.

    I usually get my half qs for $35-40, for REALLY DANK SHIT.

    i've seen around 50 for a half q of mids.. but I really only deal in the dank, so i'd probably get my quarter of dank for 60.

    good luck!

    PS: usually when ur told a strain it's just a made up strain or it's a lie, but no doubt u'll be getting real dank shit. U can tell right when u see it, it'll smell bomb and be covered with crystals, u can't miss it! Also I get a half of dank for $120, and an O for $240, real dank shit, never go higher than that
  14. you canadians are bastards, 10/g Canadian is 9.20 us dollars...Im paying 20 a g (US) for kush and other higher end strains usually.

    I renounce my remark that you are all bastards...that was most certainly a product of envy

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