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Question Directed to Anyone with A Medical Card In Cali....

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by rorkster2, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Once you go to a doctor to see if you do indeed qualify for Medical Marijuana, what happens after that? Assuming you meet the requirements, they'll ask for ID. My main question is do they just look at your I.D (California Drivers License), or do they take it, scan it, etc. Thanks! Any other information about the process is greatly appreciated! I am doing research for an upcoming school medical marijuana project.
  2. Most places will ask you for your medical history and verify it and will give you a physical. They will let you know the risks of "smoking" marijuana and make sure you understand that.. After that they will print up your recommendation and stamp it and you're good to go.. This doctor's note will let you get Marijuana from any dispensary as long as you have your Cali ID, but it will not keep you from getting arrested for possession. You need to apply for the State ID card which is $160 per year in California.. With this state card you will never be arrested for any MJ offence as long as you are within the limits alloted in Prop215 or SB420...
  3. Correction: The State Issued ID card is VOLUNTARY, you do not have to get it.

    It Will give you the maximum amount of protection, but for most patients it's a luxury item that they just don't need. Unless you're transporting meds for other patients in your vehicle quite often it's really not necessary.
  4. It probably depends on the place issuing the recommendation, but I know that at least one popular evaluation center will take your ID, scan it, and print it on your recommendation.
  5. Yes, they will scan your ID. The "county card" is totally optional and for most, a waste of money that could start you growing your own! Unless you are a "cop magnet", they ain't "worth the price of admission"! :p I don't have one.

    And for more sources of information on the medical uses of cannabis, take a peek at my list (first link in my sig). I'm sure that you will want to make a "laundry list" of ailments that cannabis can treat somewhere in your report. My list will make that simple- just copy the titles from the sections!

    There's also history stuff in there that might be useful- things like the letter from the doctor representing the AMA in 1937 protesting the proposed illegalization of cannabis, a few "reefer madness" articles, ancient usage and more.

    Educate yourself!

    Granny :wave:
  6. Thanks for your help. One last question...Are their any other safe guards in place to insure that someone is indeed a resident in California? For example, if someone were to have a fake ID would something prevent them from obtaining a medical card? My project is due Friday so any help is appreciated. Another info you may have about the Medical Marijuana process would also be awesome. I've been doing research about the process but not much has surfaced.
  7. Why don't you just call one and explain about your "school project" and perhaps one will take the time to tell what safegaurds are in place to prevent someone from out of state to get a MedMar Card.

    My daddy always told me if you have a question about a rule, ask the person making the rules.
  8. Well, California is also changing their DMV ID cards and Driver License styles this year so it will be hard to use a fake ID if your license has expired.

    They actually photocopied my Drivers License in color onto my recommendation. Every time I go to the dispensary they check my ID and make sure the information looks legit.

  9. Your dad gave some damn fine advice. I'll be sure to call a place and tell them about my, what did you call it??..."School Project" and see what they have to say

  10. The State Marijuana ID Card is optional but the only thing that will save you from arrest for growing. A doctor's not will not keep you from getting arrested but will hold up as your defense in court.

    If local law enforcement ends up in your grow room, the county card can be the difference between a week in jail/bail money or not AND will keep them from killing your prized genetics...

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