question concerning light cycle disturbance/leakage

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  1. Hello!


    * this is regarding a first-time, casual, low-tech, small grow by a card carrier for personal use only

    * plants were just put into 12/12 flowering light cycle: "day time" is from 6am to 6pm

    * grow area is simply sitting on a table in a room which is also regularly used as a personal office space

    * thus, the regular room lights are often on for many hours throughout the plant's "night time" - when the grow light is off

    My gut instinct is that having the normal room lights on for long periods, consistently - will really affect the plants in suboptimal ways; or likely even prevent them from ever really flowering at all.

    Am I right? Or can the plants actually still do ok under such lighting conditions? e.g. Do the 'regular' room lights cast an insufficient spectrum to actually cause the plants to fail to flower properly, if the grow lights are on a regular schedule?

    How much "light leakage" ( is there a 'proper' term? ) can a flowering plant deal with before reverting back to veg?

    Many thanks!
  2. i would say yes you are fucking up the plants light cycle... i would say doesnt matter what type of lights just becuz its sitting on a table out in the open... i have a little 13watt lamp on the other side of my room and if i open my closet during "night time" i dont think its going to hurt it. my lights in my grow room and brighter then that lamp ha. and the proper amount of light leakage is none! pitch black
  3. Any quantity of light above what i would consider to be moon light, is going to reset its dark period timer....

    if it isnt getting 12/12 with no interruptions, it will stress out, flower incorrectly, likely become a hermie, or one of those, or all of them lol
  4. Yeah light leaks, or in this case blatant outside light exposure, does stress the plant out. Stress can do many things such as stunt growth, hermie a plant.

    So I'd move the grow room somewhere else or the office, whichever moves easier :)
  5. or try and find a box big enough to put aroun the whole plant! make sure to put some holes in it thow..hahah
  6. Right on guys - thanks! That's what I suspected, but wanted to check my assumptions.

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