Question Concerning Imports of light sockets and powerboards

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Dhufishin, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey people Im in Australia

    For the life of me I cant seem to find The ivory socket adapters anywhere over here. You know the socket adapters that basically plugs straight into the power board and you screw your light into it ! Im doing another PC grow box up atm and instead of the method of lights I have been using now was curious as wether i would be able to import a few of the light sockets 4 or 5 and a power board from america , then All I ned a internationl converter power plug which I have. Any help would be awesome Thanks.
  2. I think mayybe I read somewhere they that type of socket doesn't pass electric codes in some countries and that might be why you can't find them.

    I might be wrong about that though..maybe talk to some other dudes from oz and see if they know anything about em? Or try searching google images for them....that's what I do with tough to find items.

    sorry I can't be of more help...I don't know much about how the electricity works in australia and how it converts and stuff.
  3. Hey thanks heaps man , at least you responded !!! Lol . I just think cranking the lights like that is a space saver an time saver ie no fuckin round with wires an brackets to support them ! I can't find them in aus I even went to a hydro store n they had never seen them , might try another one they were that good ! Tried to sell me a fucking huge 80 watt cfl I'm thinking fuck that will take up half my case mate lol !! I wonder if I tried to import a power board an some of them into Aussie ?? What's the worse that can happen ?! Lol
  4. hmm yeh I dunno how imports laws are there heh...I think the key piece of equipment would be the converter piece and how efficient it is at converting and stuff. If you order them, I'd get a few extra cuz some of them are pretty cheap and the prongs wiggle loose and push out when you try to plug em in. At least some cheap ones I got at walmart did that.
  5. Yeh I don't know how the imports would go eitheR , last thing I want is to start a fire , I did a bit of research in aus we run on 240volts while USA runs 120 127 volts ! Brings me back to the drawin boards of what I can do for lighting now fudge nuggets grr lol

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