question bout my lowryder 2 cfl grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by katana2k9, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. hey all got a question got 2 plants here one is bigger than the other and this is my second grow and it hasent happen before. simply i have 2 plants bout a week and 2 days old and one is bigger than the other here are the pics, if anyone can tell me why this is happening it would be much appreciated they seem healthy but why the difference?

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  2. I'd say its just 2 different phenotypes. If your conditions are the same in both pots I'd just chalk it up to genetics. Maybe the smaller one got a little more stressed for some reason and is a little stunted, or you just got one really fast grower.

    Even in LR strains aroung here there always seems to be some different phenotypes with some big faster ones and some smaller slower ones. I wouldn't get too worked up about it.
  3. All four of my lowryders differ in some way, don't worry about it.
  4. They are plants, they vary, just like most things in nature.
  5. thanks guys just wantd to check just in case it was some kind of deficiency or something i was doing but they both seem happy so yea i wont get too worked up about it thanks again KAT :)
  6. Most plants have a little difference in them, but it will be more obvious in the smaller LR2. The last group of three I grew all sprouted the same day and got the same exact light and nutes, but one wound up 16" tall, one 13" and one only about 8". Nature happens.

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