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Question bout a rap/ hip hop song.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. I don't really listen to a lot of rap or hip hop. It's not that I really dislike it, it's just I listen to all types of music, and prefer a little harder music. But anyway...

    Back in the eighties, there was a dude by the name of Billy Squire. He had a song called " The Stroke ". The other day, I was surfing around the radio, and I heard the last part of a song ( hip-hop), and it had the guitar from " The Stroke " I was wondering if anybody knows of the song I'm talking about. If you do, who does it? It seems like everyone I know, who know's who Billy Squire is doesn't listen to rap. And everyone I know that listens to rap, doesn't know who Billy Squire is....

    One last question....... Just what is the difference between Rap, and Hip-Hop? Is there one?

    Sorry for being stoopid
  2. Hip-hop was the actual term to define the culture that was based on graffiti, rap and breakdancing. I think. Anyway Rap isn't exactly an musical style it's an way to "sing" (i.e speak words that rhyme fast and in rhytm). Don't know the song you're talking about, sorry
  3. True dat.
  4. there are some sites that try to keep track of all the music sampled in different rap and hip hop tracks.. you may or not find the song youre looking for.

    hip hop is the whole rapping/breaking/graffiti/turnatablism subculture, and rap is just a musical style. the difference between rap and hip hop music is that rap is usually a lot more mainstream and image-led.. you know the whole cash money or 'were hardcore gangsters' thing. in rap, a most of the time theyre talking about violence, money, the ghetto, or smoking up. hip hop still has a lot of this kind of shit, but theres generally a lot more emphasis put on wordplay, metaphors, and abstract thought.. especially as you start to look deeper underground. youd never hear jay-z spitting something like

    Numb the anti-add-alarm before he recognized this worries me
    Carpet by my spearheading fink-eye beretta
    Walk my line, now what? Now strut that little poison combine
    Y'all call natural, in honesty promise me twenty thousand salami links
    And dive and finding my thriving ivy leaves climbing up the pit fall
    Lack of most lords aboard, heroes unsung heroes unbrung rewards
    Yo if I flutter in a trouble clutch then I dance fancy forward
    Like park children double dutching ropes in burning city summers
    My wing span can and will employ full expansion
    Unfolding while lamping at home with my hands spanning for gold
    Told them the roof was on fire, when that structure burned to ashes

    i hope that answers your question..
  5. rap is a gangster movement that branched off of hip hop, NWA being the first successful pioneers. hip hop usually has more samples from other songs, and better drum beats, while rap tracks are just drum machines.

    go to
    anything you'll ever want to know about everything music.
    i go at least once a day to learn.
  6. Thanks for the lesson peeps! I sure appreciate it. So I'll look around the net.

    ak47stein, I went and checked out the site you gave me. Thanks for link. That is a awesome site. Some how I spent about a couple of hours looking around there. Started at the beginning, looked at one band, that led me to another, which led me to another, and so on and so on. lol. Next thing you know, 2 bowls are burnt, and it's 3 in the morning. lol


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