Question Bought power running it out to my greenhouse

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BlazeSugar420, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I would like to start growing outside in my legit fort/greenhouse i have outside its bought 300 ft away from my house i want to run 2 nd a half outdoor extension cords out there aat night and keep them on a till bought 8 or 9 would it be possible to run lights off the extension i dont no how much electricty i shud try to run off it? is
  2. and im gonna run it out my window maybe threw good piping ?.
  3. GL with the 300 feet of extension cord. Yes it can be done, just be sure to get heavy duty outdoor extension cords. You want them to stand up to the elements and be safe. I would recommend trying other options, maybe check some older threads. Also, it is to late in the season to start an outdoor grow.

  4. iv got the cords and its legit outdoor cords but my shed is like a room nice and insulated and built to grow .. i could just put light on them for 12 hours a day and itll grow in door before winter even hits correct.
  5. I dont recommend to anyone to run their lights off of standard wall outlets(110). Especially through extension cords out your window to your "shed". If your gonna grow, and your gonna do it with lights, you might as well use your head a little bit and run proper equipment to run your lights. Always run 220 from a breaker with #8 rated wire atleast. Its more cost effecient and can handle a heavier load. You may spend a few bucks doing this. Cost of copper is high right now so wire is expensive. But, you will get your money back after your first crop. I run 2 - 1000w(HPS & mh), 4 fluro tubes, 2 250w MH, a 650cfm fan, and a few other accesories and barely see a dent in my electric bill and I have the reassurance of knowing my lights are well in place with no chance of fires. I dont wanna see anyone lose their house because of being careless with electricity.

    Just what I think dude. Save your cash and Nasa proof your grow operation to assure outstanding quality DANKNESS!

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