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  1. Hi there folks .

    This plant is from a friend of mine and he is concerned about this blueish hue on the leaves. it's been around 59ºF, could be because of this?

    the other question I have is about this flower, it looks to me to be a male flower, but the plant is obviously female, could she be a herm?

    i'm sorry for my poor english.

    thanks in advance, and happy toking :smoke:

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  2. The buds look good. Squeeze the flower ur talking about and see if u feel a seed inside. My plants all had those this outdoor season and all came out fine. This was my purp this year. Plants tend to turn purple ish the colder it gets.

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  3. Are u growing it outdoor? Because it looks like an indica plant to me. And every indica I have grown all matured and was ready to harvest in October. And that is still at least 6 weeks out it looks. U might have put it out to late in the season
  4. won't I hurt her if I squeeze it?

    It's in a little greenhouse, and yes, i think he has planted too late.
    I'm tryin to get a 150w HPS for him
  5. Na just a lil pinch will be ok. I did it to half mine this yr. I stuck em out a lil to early and they went into bud. I had the same shit happen to mine. I thought they harmed to. I gave it a lil pinch and everything felt fine. They went back out of bud. Then back to the normal cycle. And everything turned out bomb. But try to get a light for sure. Pretty soon it will start going back out of bud and if u leave it long enough it will most likely be airy with seeds
  6. What kind if strain is that? It looks like something I wanna grow in the future
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    it's a bagseed.. nothing "dank"... I only saw one time "perfect" "stash".. In my contry there isn't much "good" weed. :cry:
  8. Well it looks good. Keep us posted with pics. I wanna see how she turns out
  9. I'll see if we can set up the light today or in the weekend..

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