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  1. Before anyone mentions it, I did search for previous topics and couldn't find anything (I doubt many of you peeps will complain, GC is a much chiller forum for some "odd" reason :p)

    Any who, I have a few questions about the glass company ZOB (Warning: major knowledge request). I bought a ZOB ~12" bong several months ago, it has the old label with the umlaut over the "o" (the label is yellow if you're wondering), and I just love the piece. It hits amazing, seems solid as a rock, and is the first piece I bought. I've heard that somewhere the company changed hands, and also that the newer/current zobs are of lesser quality (in both manufacturing, thickness, and glass used). I just want to know what the actual story is, and if there's any truth to the decline in quality.

    I really like my piece a lot, and I'd like to get more ZOB products in the future but only if it's the same quality (or better) than my baby. I'm looking to get a nice ash catcher soon, and it seems like SYN and ZOB are in my price range (suggestions welcome), but I don't know too much about the different brands out there and don't want to get noodled.

    Here's a pic of her (RIP rasta bowl), I named it the black mamba (I was watching kill bill the day I got her)

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  2. All I know about Zob is they are also And old is now Sheldon Black.
  3. fuck man id like to know more about zob too, i just got a wubbler with a matching 8armA/C and im in love. deff gunna get more zob glass in the future

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