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Question about zippos vs bic

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by porschetarbo, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. #1 porschetarbo, Feb 9, 2014
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    Hi guys,
    I just ordered a zippo, and am wondering why do people say it makes the bowl taste like shat? It uses lighter fluid....don't bics use that too?
    Also, I'm thinking of using the zippo to light hemp wick....does anyone have any experience with that and do you find the shitty taste of the zippo affects the hemp wick in any way? lighting hemp wick with zippo or bic...which one is better? or is it exactly the same? Scientists...please explain.
    I'm sure the zippo will save me money in the long run because it's refillable.
    I hear a lot of people recommend this (picture). It is a Thunderbird butane pipe lighter (horizontal). It uses butane....why do people recommend this thing? Doesn't butane stink more than lighter fluid?
    So my best bet is to just get a Bic style lighter that is refillable (any yellow flame refillable lighter that uses butane gas)?
    \nOr should I get a refillable torch lighter that uses butane gas?

  2. Zippo and hemp wick will for sure fix the problem

    The world turnin' the weed burnin' them haters talkin' I keep earnin'
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    Actually they function on completely different sources. The normal bic uses butane: a gas that creates little residue after ignition. Zippos on the other hand use ronsonol lighter fuel- a liquid that creates a nasty smoke and much more carcinogens, hence why using it to smoke a bowl makes for a gross taste.
    Rule of thumb- bic for bowl, zippo for blunts/joints/hempwick

    By any means necessary
  4. IMO bics are better for bowls. they just light it better. 
  5. Yesh bro, zippo+hempwick killer combo.
    Zippos light joints perfectly. But don't inhale the lighting hit.

    As far as bowls you won't even get to light them. You could but lighting a zippo upside down is simply stupid. Flame hides into the windscreen. Will only heat (the fuck) up. And if you manage to pull through you'll get a lungful of that skunky lovely smelling but horridly tasting lighter fluid.

    Unless you got the pipe zippo, which will be cool for pipes but still has it's trick.

    Yeah, I'm a zippo lover. :cool:
    I have over 20 of em.
  6. zippos taste and smell like ass.

    bic or wick take a pick

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  7. Don't light your bowls with a Zippo. You can really taste the fluid and its nasty. I mean its bearable but I'd advise not to.
  8. bic  - fuck a buncha zippo
    makes anything you light taste like ass
  9. Have you tried smoking a bowl with a zippo? I mean I love my zippo for lighting a joint or blunt but its not the best for lighting a bowl, the flame doesn't cooperate as much as a bic.
  10. They're both exactly the same in terms of lighting hemp wick, but as people above have said, don't use a zippo to light a bowl, you'll get a really nasty taste from it.
    Also, not only does using hemp wick make your bowls taste better, you also get higher from the same amount of weed because hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than a bic or zippo flame, and the lower the temperature you are using to combust your herb, the less cannabinoids are being destroyed from the intense heat.  Science!
  11. Ive bought a couple zippos, theyre cool and all but not very practical.

    Like others said, it gives you a nasty taste, cant light bowls with em, harmful smoke.
    I bought a small tin of refill fluid for them also. But ive noticed my zippo leaks fluid inside my pocket if isnt sitting upright. The fluid also tends to dry up pretty fast in them. The flint might break off some or the wick gets too burnt.

    All replaceable but id rather just get a pack of bics and not worry about anything...besides them being pocketed.

    Heres one of my fav zippos I have

    Attached Files:

  12. I'd only use a zippo for joints or cigs, maybe hemp wick. The flame from a zippo just isn't convenient for bowls, it's hard to get it angled correctly. Not that you couldn't get it to light eventually, but I usually end up burning myself.
  13. For a bowl use hemp wick (it doesn't matter which type of lighter you light it with) ,and for a joint use a bic (it's cheaper and just as "wind proof" as a zippo). Zippo's are all for show IMO.
    If you want the cleanest burning lighter get a pocket torch ($4 Jetlite, walmart) and fill it with 5x butane ($7, headshop)
    That's what I use on the road, got a roll of hempwick for the house. You can taste cheap fuel, fluid or butane. Zippos are cool and all, but they stink, the flame goes all over the place, and they make the bowl taste like shit. If you want a re-fillable lighter get a torch, they're stealth (bics are highly visible from a distance at night), they don't stink or dry out, and the precision flame goes where you want it for cornering bowls.
    Not sure can you post a link to 5x butane? Also, I'm looking at ebay and all I can find are torch butane gas refillable lighters. The bad tasting lighters that use lighter fluid seem to be this design rare except for Zippos?
    Also, howcome bics use butane gas but emit a flame, but all the lighters I can find use butane gas and emit a torch? For example I'm looking at this one atm
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    I get it from amazon by the case for my bho, but it's called Power 5x or 7x, either one is super clean. Yea, the only lighters I've seen that use fluid are zippos or zippo knockoffs.
    OK, hold a piece of glass over a bic lighter flame and some greasy soot will collect on the surface of the glass. That's created when the flame gets an improper fuel to oxygen mixture and every lighter with a yellow flame does that. In fact, heated, glowing yellow soot is what gives the flame it's glowing yellow color, but it turns black when it cools down on the surface of the glass. Carbon monoxide is another by-product of the yellow flame. Now think about how many times you've roasted a bowl with a yellow flame, all that greasy black soot was collecting in the material that you were smoking. I nearly gagged when I came to this realization.
    The torches, or jet lighters use the proper fuel to oxygen ratio, resulting in a nearly invisible blue flame that leaves nothing behind (if you use good butane).
    From wikipedia:
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    From my experience, just using a bic will work. The hemp shit seems to be some new "trendy" stoner thing that a lot of people, including some of my friends, are blindly following and man is its marketing working. Anyway, no advantages of it really seem to appeal to me from it. The most I've heard is shit like "it tastes better" and it's "healthier", though there is still combustion going on... Not to mention some don't like the hemp taste. Regardless, doesn't seem like much of a plus (if at all) is where I"m getting at.
    I'd stick to bics. Zippos just aren't as bowl-friendly, as has been mentioned. Flame just doesn't light it up as nicely, and I personally don't like the taste.
    I'm burnt out as fuck, tried to be coherent. 
    I have used Ronsonol, Zippo, other brands, Coleman fuel, kerosene and diesel successfully in my Zippo...that's what they were designed to do. And I have smoked many a bowls and doobs off of it. And a J is fine....but a bowl tastes like shit, heavy emphasis on the
    There always has to be something new so they can act like it's all their own, and they invented smoking pot. I remember way back in the day when all my friends starting getting on the gravity bong then I had smoked so much dope I had reached the conclusion you are only gonna get as high as the quality of the weed allows you too. What they were looking for was that few minute rush that comes from oxygen depletion and blood rushes to the head. So one day I told them bitches that Gravity bongs were invented by early European settlers who's wives didn't want them smoking pipes with the Indians and that it was racist....they all stopped. At some point I'm sure they either got laughed out of their new circle, or convinced the circle gravity bongs were racist....But I can guarantee you that a few of them are on this new kick. I smoke to get high. I vape to get high....fuck all that ritualistic shit. Healthy way to SMOKE? Yeah, ain't happening. And who gives a shit. Name me one dude that's gonna live forever. I don't! And I ain't interested in leaving a pretty corpse either. :ey:
    And yeah...zippos taste like shit.

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