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Question about you old guys...(sex one)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RMJL, Mar 2, 2004.

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  1. Do older guys in their late 40\'s or early 50\'s still have it going on? I mean, I know they aren\'t still going like a man in his early 20\'s but are they still functioning properly or is it going downhill? I understand that each individual is different but generally, what\'s up? LOL! :p What\'s up?

    Can they keep up with younger women fairly well?

    I\'m just pondering strange things tonight and this is one thing on my ponder list. :D
  2. LOL! Bob...I\'m a chick! In every way! ;)
  3. LOL! That\'s cool! There are a lot more stoner guys here than stoner girls so I get that. :)
  4. Nah ,ya slow up a bit .l only do it for an hour a night now instead of two hours twice a night.:D lol.

    Truth is l,am a much better bed partner now than l was then ,for sure .
  5. bump this one for BH..........c\'mon mate where are ya!?.......lmao..........Peace out........Sid

    a sex question and BH nowhere to be seen!!!!
  6. I\'m not as good as I once was, but I am as good once, as I ever was!!!

    No problems here except with Mrs. \"B\".

    I could say I can go all night long but the truth is............. I get tired faster so I can\'t go much over 3-4 hours now with out a break! :D

    Thanks man I knew you would help out the old guys... Now have you seen my wheel chair??:D
  7. Damn, you guys talking about HOURS! LOL! I\'m only 25. Pretty much still in my prime. (although I do notice a difference from when I was 17;) )

    I get tired after 30 minutes and I just want to finish. But I enjoy giving oral as much as receiving it so that adds plenty of time. BUT NOT HOURS!! LOL I\'ll only go for about 30 minutes, sometimes less, but I am ready to go on command. Sometimes me and my g/f will have sex 5 or 6 times in one night.

  8. Thanks for the response, Critter Man!!! There\'s this man at work (and there shouldn\'t be cause there\'s this other person but that\'s a long story with too many twists and turns...) who\'s at least 15 years older than me, if not a bit more, and he is just all kinds of mad sexy. I normally go for younger guys, never anybody my own age...but this man...I\'m kind of under his spell and he has no clue that I am. I\'m not seeking out a relationship or anything like that. I\'d just like to spend a little time with him. ;) Besides, if it\'s a \"getting tired\" issue, I\'m fine with taking care of all of the action. You know me, I like to be in control anyway. :D

    Hey Bob...the just test it idea is a good one. :) It\'s like growing sweet MaryJane, though...the more info you have, the better things go!

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