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  1. Alright so I know how women say they should have equal rights and I agree but, i've always had this one thought. If you want to be equal I should be able to hit you if you hit me. Just pisses me off when girls start actin uip an shit and people say guys shouldnt do shit? Opinions !!!!:cool:
  2. I would like to know what inspired this thread...
  3. It's a fact that men are more powerful than women, physicality wise. We have the potential to gain much more muscle mass, meaning we have the potential to expel a whole lot more energy.

    It is also a fact that women are just as capable as men, in any position they aspire to. They should earn the same wages, get the same number of hours, and the expectations should be the same.

    Your logic is tragically flawed. Nice try though :wave:

    No real man truly wants it to be legal to hit a woman
  4. hahaha nah man nothing bad happened I still have my girlfriend i've always just been like so you wanna be equal? Than dont expect special treatment. Not to sure just my humble opinion :)
  5. It is never alright to hit a woman.

    All i gotta say
  6. Well, maybe if they had testosterone?
  7. Alrighty let me say this I never said they arent as capable as us so I'm not sure where thats coming from buuuuuuuut... Even if we are more capable in terms of gaining muscle that still doesnt change the fact they want to be equal. It's like in real life, dont pick fights with who you cant keep up with.

    And on a side note strength doesnt have much to do in a fight IF you know what your doing.

  8. whenever you fell like you want to hit a woman just smoke some and chill theres no reason to fight or argue with a woman.
  9. If a woman is attacking you, take appropriate action to stop the attack, just as you would do if a man was attacking you.

    Self defense is self defense, and the laws regarding self defense are not gender specific.
  10. It was an example to show why your logic is flawed. On the one hand they should have equal workplace rights because our brains are equal (so long as they meet the proper qualifications for the job).

    On the other hand, our bodies aren't equal. Men are muscularly stronger than women. If you can't see the implications of this beyond "strength" then I'm sorry, but go back to school.

    Bottom line: women are not to be hit. No matter how equal they want to be.
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    I'm not saying I do because I realize it wouldnt be fair but let me use an example... Not being racist just using an example i had today. These two black chicks are walking by me and start saying o hey whiteboy and shit and try getting in my face... I was more like you should get a beating and set in place (Lol not in a derogitory manner) like what happens with any other guy.

    Alright to Lukas. Just wondering how my logic is flawed because if a guy walked up to you and slapped you, im guessing you would take acceptance but if a women did you wouldnt? Sorry but thats just not equal no matter what way ya put it.
  12. I'm guessing you're not a proponent of the Rule of Thumb?
    might as well have been the rule of wrist

    :D I kid, I kid.
  13. Ha speaking of rule of thumb it should still be in use today kids would be much more respectable...
  14. Fights should be avoided at all costs any way. I will not fight unless someone swings at me first. If a woman wants to fight, nothing is going to stop it so this is the only exception. It shouldnt matter if its a guy, girl, dog or pig. If someone is attacking you, you fight back.
  15. as a female...
    if i get into in with a guy, and he DOESNT hit me back (and i mean if i walked up to someone and strait punched them in the face) he should at LEAST shove me back or try to restrain me.
    then again, i dont just go around starting fights with guys i dont think i could actually take.
    i have this bud, his name can be A...a and me play fight all the time, but like, really fight, punching and wrestling each other till someone gives...hes bigger than me and has taken karate for several years, but he doesnt go easy on me and i dont go easy on him.
    there should be rules, i NEVER intentionally hit a guy in the sac region unless its actually appropriate (trying to molest me or worse) and even then, i still always felt bad after...faces arent off limits with an open hand, that kinda thing...
    but then again, im not a girl girl...a lot of my friends describe me as a dude with tits and a cunt...
    im also not 5'1 ish and weigh about 120...ive started working out tho and have been looking for a new punching bag...i broke my brother's....:p

  16. Oh of course. It situations where you're being attacked you absolutely have the right to fight back.

    If a women is attacking you, and you can run, then run. If a woman is attacking you, and you can't run, hit her hard enough to disable her for a bit, and then run. Ain't no reason to stand there and beat the shit out of nobody once they're down and disabled.
  17. I've seen a guy hit a girl


    i don't think any less of him

    she pulled a knife and stabbed him in the ass cheek


    self defense is self defense, no matter who it's against

    I wouldn't hit a girl, i have enough trouble even talking to them
  18. Why should I run why I wouldnt run from a guy tho? Because if someone attacks regardless if I can run I will fight. Although everyone has different opinions im just a stereotypical angry irishman :)
  19. its never alright to hit anyone
    man or women
  20. I guess it's really all about self defense, you probably don't want to hurt the person any more than you need to, to get away from the situation. I've always thought fighting was stupid and that you should avoid it at all costs. Whether it's a man or woman though sometimes you can't avoid it, in which case like someone else said, do enough so that you can get away, but don't make it excessive.

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