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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by boot cheese, Sep 30, 2022.

  1. Hello. I'm a longtime Member, but a 1st time Grower.

    I basically have everything I need to start building and growing some Bud. I acquired 2 types of Seeds (Northern Lights & White Widow) and have all the Plant Food, as well as a Cabinet I'm going to grow the Greenery out of. What I'm having issues with now is how to wire my Lights to the LED Driver. I have about 10 Atreum LED Panels, but am only going to use 2 for a 42" H x 13" W x 23.5 L-sized Cabinet. The Driver is a MeanWell HLG120H 48A and the Lights are Atreum Samsung LM301B LED Panels. I have a Soldering Iron and Solder, so I'm not worried about that. I'm just confused as to what other stuff I need, how and what cords to connect them to, power source, ect. Anybody have any experience in what I'm talking about? If you need Pictures of the stuff that I have, I can implement.

    Thank You in advance.
  2. This is how I did it. Just wire connectors and a standard lamp cord.

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  3. Thank You for the links.

    Ok. So I'm missing Wire Connectors, then. There are so many, though. How will I know which is the right one for my set up?

    Hold on, let me take a few Photos of what I have in regards to the Driver and the Panel, along with the wires.
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  4. I would suggest using some WAGO connectors, or similar...
    something like these

    also, need more details on power usage on the light(s) you plan to use, like a picture of the electrical sticker on the light.
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  5. thats them Wago connectors, similar can be found in any auto parts store, post up pics of what you have and what you intend.

    you may let this be a GC build will help others as many led threads are now dated

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  6. Ok, here are the Photos:

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  7. So, I won't need to solder anything, just use Wire Connectors?
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  8. you should use the wagos, only so its easy to undo any issue, but like you above there are maybe times when soldering is needed, but at the end of the day power to ballast - then to led, seems easy just double check is all

    good luck
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  9. Imma wire the smoke detectors in my house using wagos ;) no bs method.
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  10. I'm looking at Wire Connectors, an 1nce again, there are so many to choose from. I'll probably buy either a Wagos or Ideal, but on the Wagos site, I saw some Connectors specifically for Lighting:

    Wire/Splicing Connectors | WAGO USA

    does it really matter what type? Because I'm getting the impression that it doesn't, just as long as the quality is good.

    I hope I'm not being much of a bother, I just want to be sure that I buy the correct type of Wire Connector. It is my $$$$$ that I'm using to buy this.
  11. imo yur overthinkin it. I've used a bunch of different kinds and although wagos are very good quality, the other brands are fine as well.
    I did show the lower end ones initially. Wagos are the gold standard and I definitely don't think its a big deal if you get vanilla type connectors.
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  12. I haven't been here in almost a Year. Alot has definitely happened and changed since then.

    OK, so, from what the last Poster was saying, it doesn't make a difference what Brand, but what about the type of Wire Connectors--does that matter? I see 221 and 222, among others, on the Wago Website. I don't want to purchase the wrong one, so, according to the Photos I posted above of the Lighting Set-Up, which type should I use?
  13. So, I'm about to finally get started with the final build, and I think I might need something like this to connect the Lamp Cord with the Driver--a 2-Way Junction Connector. Instead of using a Wire Connector, I can use this, then use the Wire Connectors for the Lights to connect to the other side of the LED Driver. What I'm having issues with is how to do so, but, as someone suggested on here, I could be overthinking it. I'm sure I'll figure it out, and I've been looking on YouTube for Tutorials that show me how it's done, and after seeing very few that show me how to do it, I might have it figured out.

    Wish me luck.

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  14. Just realized my issue--

    --I bought the wrong type of Lamp Cord. It was a 2 Prong instead of 3.

    I now have a Lamp Cord compaitble with the Driver, and am awaiting the Wire/Junction Connectors. I am trying to figure out how, if I'm able, to regulate the Heat in the Grow Box, seeing as it's Winter and all. I was thinking of getting a small Space Heater, but figured that might be too much, even if it's to run Heat in there temporarily every so often.

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