Question about wiring a computer fan for carbon scrubber

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  1. If the output of the charger is not 12 volts, the fan may spin partial speed or not spin at all.

    Your best bet is to buy a 12v charger, they are cheap and available everywhere you can buy cell phones and electronics. See if you can find a 12v cell phone charger.
  2. alright thats what i was thinking. thanks for the fast reply
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    I got my 12v adapters on amazon for around $8. Remember that the voltage is what you're most worried about. Amperage is less important, but if you're running a higher end fan that moves a lot of air, you're going to want at least 1 amp on the 12v adapter. The rocketfish fan should probably do ok with about 500mA (half an amp), but remember: you can push multiple fans with one power supply given that your amperage is high enough.

  4. Yea youll need a 12 output
  5. I used an old cell phone charger I had layin around

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