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question about weights and how long it lasts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by folied, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. today I bought my first eighth of pretty dank stuff I've always bought in dubs before. for someone who only smokes on the weekend, occassionally with one other friend how long do you think of eighth of dank would last? What would last longer an 1/8 of dank or a 1/4 of like mids not total shit weed
  2. That depends. Do you and your friend only smoke until you're high, or do you guys keep going until you're completely fucked up?
  3. Me and my friend haven't been smoking that long. we have gotten destroyed everytime but it doesnt really take us that much weed to get us going. i think thats because theres always a week in between sesh but idk
  4. 1/8 of dank will last you a very long time if you conserve it. Smoking only a tiny it will get you and your friend blazed though (by a tiny bit, I mean .5 g between both of you). Only smoking on weekends could make it last a month or longer (make sure you're keeping it in an airtight container so it doesn't become stale). However, since you haven't developed much of a tolerance, the mids would still get you very high, so the 1/4 of mids would last you longer

    If you haven't already, invest in a grinder with a kief screen. Kief is hairs that have fallen off the bud, and it's pure THC. Top off a bowl with some kief (or just smoke an entire bowl of kief) and you will get sky high
  5. Kief is actually resin glands that fall off of the bud and isnt pure thc, but it'll definatly get you sky high.

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