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  1. In the current season, why is Nancy in debt to U-Turn? I thought U-Turn just tried to rob her and failed, so why is she in debt with him? And why is she reporting to him and stuff, he tried to rob her and failed, shouldnt' that be the end of it? I am very confused, maybe I am missing something?
  2. well i think he was gnna kill them if they didnt pay so she kinda has to pay it back
  3. Oh that is it? So he is pissed that he couldn't rob her so he said he is gonna kill her if she isn't his work slave to pay off the debt? She should just kill U-Turn, what is she thinking being someones biatch like that?
  4. nancy owes money to uturn b/c the crop that uturn was going to pick up was destroyed by that bitch celia (blonde "friend")

    conrad was also apart of that deal, but his aunt (the older black lady w/ dread) paid his debt
    nancy thought she was free, but uturn said that she has to start paying of her debt by doing stuff for him. Also uturn forces conrad to grow for him a whole new crop

    edit: theres a weeds discussion thread a couple posts down, you should have posted it there
  5. yea but U turn was just robbing her, he wasn't buying legit from her, why doesn't she tell U-Turn to go f' himself and/or kill him?
  6. uhh bc he's got a crew and is always strapped, plus suburban housewife Nancy, is scared shitless of him. He also knows where she lives, and has met her kids.

    also she doesn't want to go to jail for murder

  7. She owes him because he bought her debt off of the Armenians. Remember they killed Peter to save Conrad and Nancy from being blackmailed, and Conrad possibly murdered. Once they killed Peter they were owed the money that Uturn was supposed to pay for the MILF but since Uturn was trying to rob them, there was no money. Uturn actually saved Nancy and Conrads lives by paying the Armenians. I think Uturn had a thing for Nancy from the moment he met her, I think he had a plan to get Nancy on his crew from jump.
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  8. Bruh, none of these people have been here in like 12 years.
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  9. Those were some good times, bro. I miss the show! I ain't even gonna hate on this one. LOL

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  10. Lmfao from 2007

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