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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HouseofHash, May 12, 2010.

  1. One of my seedlings is too big for its jiffy pot and needs to be transfured into soil. How should i water the soil? Should i soak the soil before I plant the jiffy pot, or water it after i put the seedling in? And how much?

    I overwatered before, and i just want to make sure this time.
  2. well i water 20 min before transplanting..but your jiffy pot is the organic one correct?
    just water it and put the whole thing in your bigger container and bury it ..
    it will boi-degrade in your soil anyway..
    i'd water my jiffy pot and plant, then put it into fresh dry soil...this will force the root's outward to the new soil when it dry's out...
  3. You cannot overwater in a single watering, any excess will flow out the drainage holes. Overwatering occurs from watering too frequently, which keeps the roots constantly moist and suffocates them and/or causes root rot and stunted growth. A thorough watering is what MJ likes, and then for the soil to dry out a bit before the next watering.

  4. damn i think i under water my seedling today.. i didnt see and drainage at the bottom? i put in a 16oz party cup... would it hurt if i gave it a good water thursday or should i wait for the sprout
  5. Huh? Wait for the sprout? You said it's a seedling.

    In any event, if you underwatered today, finish today's
  6. i posted a new thread.. a little better details

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