Question about venting thru my light

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Darkstar420710, May 17, 2010.

  1. hello all,
    I was wondering if anyone could lend some advice my way concerning my set-up. Im using a 400 watt sunburst from hydrofarm. I made a hole in the top of my hood to pull heat from the bulb using a 4 in. flange mounted over the hole to connect duct to. Before i get to far ahead let me list my set-up.
    1. DR-60 which measures 2x2x5.5 feet
    2. 400 watt hyrdofarm with the enclosed ballast and the air cooled option also the heat lens.
    3. Bubbleponics unit. Kinda like a DWC and a Drip System together.
    4. Active Air 6in. inline fan (400CFM) Along with a Hydrofarm fan speed controller
    5. Passive intake fan and also plan on leaving vents open on the bottom of the tent when lights are on to draw more fresh air in.
    6. Carbonaire Carbon filter Rated for 200 cfm max.
    7. 25 feet insulated duct work which i will be using all of.(Not sure how to calculate the loss in cfm from this if anyone can help.)
    1. Growing 3 Bubblicious feminized seeds from Nirvana
    2. Using Humbolt Nutrients: Micro,Grow,Bloom and also will be using Ginormous once i switch here in the next week or two. I also purchased a product called Bud Candy from advanced,Thought it might add to the flavor.
    Ok now thats out of the way, I know people like to know as much about the set-up before offering any good advice.
    My concerns are mainly maintaining a good solid temp in my tent with the thing being sealed up (Bad exp. on last grow with insane temps using shitty fans)
    I have 2 ways i can go about this and would like some good input if its out there.

    1. Removing the heat lens and pulling the the air in the tent over the bulb,Pulling thru 10 feet of duct to the filter>Fan and then exhausting. This option would be cooling the bulb while extracting the unwanted hot air in the tent in one duct run.

    2. Leaving the lens in the hood and having a seperate duct that comes in from the top of the tent. That piece of duct would meet with the duct coming from the light on the outside of the tent, Joining with a T connector and finally going to the Filter>Fan and exhausting.

    Both ways will be using just the one inline fan. I dont have the cash for a seperate fan for just the light so i need to come up with something using one of these ideas. Any thoughts?

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