Question about venting against wind direction

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by paranoid333, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. First grow about to take place. I have 2 strains that SHOULD have lower amount of smell. I need to make sure that I don't reek from growing.

    I have read that carbon filters can really help, but what I CAN'T find out is what happens if the wind is blowing against the vent in the window. Would it then end up smelling the whole house up since the outside fumes are probably hitting the house again?

    I'm trying to decide which side of house to vent on, and if I should factor in prevailing winds. Thanks.
  2. use and extension with an elbow on the end

    but only if your are venting into wind

    by far its easier to have the wind on your side

    good luck
  3. Not sure exactly what you mean about the elbow. If you mean elbow outside of window - not possible. It needs to look low key. I was just trying to figure out if the wind happens to be blowing against the vent, does that make the whole house stink up.
  4. If it was a strong enough wind to overpower your ventilation and actually reverse the air flow, then yes it would pump smelly air into your house. Get a large enough inline fan and it would take 1 hell of a wind. An actual inline is pretty darn powerful. Go overboard with the fan, buying 1 with a cfm rating larger then needed for the spac and use a speed controller to dial it in.

    Having a larger inline fan also aids in any heat/humidity issues. Plus, a larger fan ran at a lower speed is generally quiter then a smaller inline fan ran at full blast. Dont cheap out and get a duct booster fan, an actual inline grow fan works best. Also don't skimp on the filter. If smell is a concern then don't mess around, get a quality filter the appropriate size. I run phresh brand filters. I don't even shop around. They work, no sense risking a change. Smell is a huge concern of mine. My neighbor and friend is a cop and he often stops over for a drink.... He unknowingly gives his approval
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  5. If I get what you saying then as long as you have a carbon filter then there will be no smell. But if your intake is from the same room the wind blowing in will blow back the warm air your trying to vent. I had this issue so I ran duct to intake from the hall.
    I can't have any sign from the outside either so I just did my best there. With the elbow he means like an L shape plastic thing that fits the end of duct, to send it at a 90 degree angle. but you'll still have to have that hanging out.
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  6. i think that was the answer I was looking for, thanks.

    I feel like the inline fan at first was overkill for my 36x36x72" grow tent. I'm very new to growing my own so what i was worried about was having the second floor vent the smell(with carbon filter), have the wind blow the fumes against the house, then somehow have it smell up my work clothes when our bedroom is directly below.

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