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  1. Hi all, I have never dealt with wax before and I was wondering if I could get some tips? I have a spot here that I can get a wax pen from and was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how not to screw it up? I am blind so if possible I’d like to know if I’ll be able to load these pens myself? How tricky is it? Also, do different kinds of wax have different consistencies? Not sure what the differences between shatter and The other types of wax out there. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. Theres sticky wax, brittle wax, and oozing wax. Shatter is good, break a small piece and put inside vaporizer.

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  3. Hello, so being blind I would probably want wax that I could just break off and put in the vaporizer instead of having to scoop or something. Is shatter the only wax I would be able to do this with?
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  5. some waxes will be stable to use! shatta the best. I use a youcan evolve xl pen! best pen for under $40. $ 25.00 on ebay! u could pinch off a piece and as long as it stays whole u can put in chamber!
  6. I really don't think someone completely blind would even be able to work with shatter very easily. sometimes you can't just cut a piece off. Sometimes it gets sticky and you end up with a big string. My best advice is keep it in the freezer.
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  7. I would suggest also getting your hands on (literally :)) some concentrate in a “crumble” consistency. this is usually either a shatter or a wax that’s been whipped and aerated, thus resulting in a more temperature stable wax that is more easy to handle with your hands.
    shatter is a close option as well.

    you may think about enlisting a friend to help portion dabs onto parchment paper or something for you ahead of time, especially if you get a batch of something that is hard to deal with.

    I’m not sure if you’re in a legal state, but if you are, there are cartridges which are actually filled with high quality concentrate. I normally don’t like to talk about carts unless I know the other person has access to ones that have actually been lab tested. but those could be just about the simplest way to load up and go.

    I’m just spitballing here!!
    welcome to Grasscity.

    P.S. afterthought: there’s gotta be some sort of subreddit for blind tokers. if there is, I’m sure there’s all sorts of life hacks in there for stoners.
  8. Hi, I’ve used the prefilled cartridges fore a while now but it’s too expensive and it’s hard to know how much is left. I believe buying something like shatter would be cheaper and it’d be better fore knowing how much I have left. Just want to no the best way to handle it. How about knowing when it’s time to empty the pen? And how should I clean the pen without breaking it?

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  9. I agree, maybe some pre portion shatter would work well if you have a friend to help you out. But is there a reason you wanna vape oils or smoke shatter ect? I am happy with just smoking flower cause of the simplicity of loading a pipe or a bong.

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  10. Where I am I’m not able to smoke, and I hear shatter is quite good. Why would it be hard fore me to load?

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  11. U can buy a 5 pack of coils and caps. U could have like 5 bowls all set up where u could screw on a fresh one filled

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  12. Greetings all. I am blind as well. Or use a Kind Pen Dream. I have also used the Glass bubble vaporizer pens. I like the Kind Pen, as it uses A510 thread so I can screw cartridges on to the battery. It comes with 2 chambers, and a lifetime warranty. You can get it from the website for about $60. Charges using USB charger. As far as the consistency, I found that most shatter that I got came partially melted in the delivery car and was useless to me. Depending on The Strain, crumble and sugar wax can be a good choice for you. They work for me. With the sugar wax, be sure of the consistency. Ask your Bud tender about it. Also, snap & pullis a good choice as well, but very difficult to find. Hope you find the end to your vaporizing rainbow. :namaste:

    I am a child of the late sixties and the seventies and now I'm a blind heart transplant survivor. Through God's grace and His Wonderous cannabis plants, I have been able to help people as they open up and be Frank with me. If you want to talk…
  13. Hi all, so I’m finding the shatter way too sticky even after keeping in the freezer. Like I said in another thread it sticks to my fingers and it’s tough to load in the pen. Wouldc crumble be a better option? And is it just as good? I live in California can anyone recommend a good crumble that is ok to handle with my hands? Also would I have to freeze it like the shatter?
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  14. Well I live where it's 115 right now and I buy some tribal wax once in awhile at the med store and I put it in my pocket and come home and open the seal and I can still take it off the wax paper all in one shot very easily. So this store when they get it in they get like a thousand of these seals. They do run out in time to time but if you find something consistent like that you'll have no issues where you're ever you live

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  15. Tribal wax? I’ve never heard of it

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