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Question about vaping Budder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jwtruth35, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I've been toking for about 25 years, but the vaporizer scene is still very new to me. I bought a MFLB a while back and though it worked okay and I got a pretty good cerebral high. All in all I prefer the high from just smoking.

    Just recently I got the chance to acquire some Budder made using only OG Kush Bud (no trim) and I keep hearing just a dab in a vaporizer will take care of you with this stuff. I haven't got the product yet, but when I do I don't want everything to just melt and drip right through the screen losing valuable product.

    I've never smoked hash, (that was worth a s**t anyway) and certainly have never got to try Budder and was looking for the best method whether it's my Launch box or hot knives, or what the hell ever. Anyone with any advice and experience chiming in would be much appreciated
  2. You can't use the launch box for hash or any edibles. It'll melt right through the screen potentially ruining componants. Putting a dab of that shit on top of a bowl would probably be your best bet
  3. That's kind of what I was afraid of. Any other ideas on how to use this budder by itself. The guy swears 1 good hit and you're done.
  4. My good friend from my home town lives with his brother who owns a MFLB. He has told me that he vapes oil with his, but I have never asked him how. I imagine he just packs a normal trench and puts a dab on top so when the oil starts to melt it gets soaked up in the plant matter.

    If you own a bong or bubbler, google "hot hit slide" or "birdhouse". They are the cheapest and easiest ways to smoke budder other than plain old hot-knives. I got my hot hit slide for $20 and my glass wands for it cost like $5.

    Other concentrate equipment just gets more expensive from there. Budder is pretty potent. When I first started on dabs it was definitely a one hit quit kind of deal but you get used to it over time.
  5. I only use my flight box for keif. Friggin' amazing. As for budder, you'd end up damaging the screen.
  6. If you've got tube vapor dome sets are pretty damn cheap. Got on for 30 bucks including shipping with two nails. Esty. Search there. Vapor dome

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