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Question About Urine Drug Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by littlemissxxo, May 21, 2013.

  1. I took a urine drug test for my school and failed for thc, I hadn't smoked in 3 weeks. This test was last Tuesday and I got word that I failed almost a week later. I went in to take another, I had a clean person pee in a sterile bottle and was able to substitute it. It was accepted so I'm guessing the temp was okay. It was in my pants in the bottle, was less than an hour old. Is there any way the lab will know that the failed sample and the clean sample came from different people? We're the same gender, I don't think they would extensively test hormones and stuff like that, as I did not agree to such testing, just worried because the other person is about 25 years older than me. I'm not looking to be bashed about smoking weed, it helps me and I'm just here for an answer to my question. Thank you!
  2. you should good, DNA is NOT located in the urine, because the kidneys will retain all types of protein in the blood. Even small units of protein are not able to pass from the glomerulus into your ureters.
  3. Thanks, that's what I was figuring, just getting nervous about it I suppose
  4. Why does your school drug tests you?

    What happens if you fail?
  5. It's for clinicals, I failed but I passed one for something else literally 24 hrs later, my professor sympathized and said "well I guess we'll repeat it until it comes back clean"
  6. But I wasn't trying to risk it coming back failed again, as I am already on a right schedule to get my hours in and can't begin field work until I pass. I also took a detox drink for the one I failed, detox drinks are a scam, I followed the directions down to the letter and still failed, and was about 3 weeks clean

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