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  1. Ok, I'm not sure if this belongs here but someone might know the answer. Can thermal imaging detect about 10 garbage bag full of wet plants in a basement. This house has never been used to grow or anything.I'm not sure if wet plants can throw off nearly enough heat to be detected. But I'm kind of sketched out because there was a helicopter that did a couple passes close to the house. Maybe it's a stupid question but I'm new to all of this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)
  2. Dude, it kind of sounds like you don't know what thermal imaging actually is.

    It detects things that are *much* hotter than their surroundings. Like a room full of 1000 watt grow lights.

    Ordinary plant matter sitting around in garbage bags is going to be the same temperature as the rest of the house, unless it happens to be on fire.
  3. Great point.

    Are the bags currently on fire?

  4. LOL, this was awesome.

    Thermal imaging on indoor grows is used to detect lights. What you may be thinking of is the outdoor imaging. Supposedly MJ plants, in large enough crops give off a different color than their surroundings, and can be used to bust outdoor plots.

    So, unless your plants are on fire, I think you're ok!
  5. Haha, currently no! Thanks a lot for the replys lol I just needed reassurance...
  6. I think a much more suitable question is:
    WHY do you have 10 GARBAGE bags full of "WET" pot in the BASEMENT??
    PLEASE tell me this is not part of your harvesting method...:eek:
  7. Nope lol, Last night me and a couple of buddys had a long/ very heavy walk through the woods! By the time we got home we were exhausted. Everything is going to be taken care of in a couple of hours!

  8. No Joke Right!!!

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