Question about the whole Illuminati/NWO thing

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  1. Ok so their goal is to acheive world domination and take over and establish a new world order right?

    After that...what. What exactly is the "New World Order" supposed to be like, Why do they want it.

    Seems like a hollow goal to me, they take over the world to not do jack shit.
  2. Tats why they havent really achieved much. And the whole idea of illuminati is kinda dumb imho.
  3. its about control. they want it, and will do whatever it takes to get it.
  4. They've basically already achieved their goal. That being where the many work for the few.

    They've also done a good job keeping most humans in the dark about what they really are. I could go into more detail but nobody would get it.
  5. See this is what i keep hearing, they want control.
    Control to do what?

    What the fuck do they have thats so "Evil" in mind?
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    I heard theyre going to shrink the world population to 1/3 of what it is now. I dont believe all that stuff though
  7. No Flame what up! And uhh, the whole New World Order is laced with traces of satanism, which is why their intentions are so dark and negative towards the general human population. And they plan to reduce the world population by like 6 billion so theres only 1 billion left so we can save our planet before it's 100% destroyed.
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    That's literally from a Tom Clancy novel.

    Oh for fucks sake thats the exact story of the original Rainbow Six novel.

  9. its not that hard to understand...

    humans keep mice/hamsters in cages. we provide everything for them, food, shelter, exercise, other hamsters to fuck. this makes the hamster never want to leave the cage, that way we can watch them and enjoy them and be happy that we;ve controlled this hamster.

    now supersize that feeling of power, and distribute it amongst a fraction of a % of the population. that group will try to achieve the same thing with world population. its the feeling of control and being able to trigger an event and watch the population react. imagine how you'd feel as a person if you were in that small % of the population, that you knew, had control of the worlds money, military etc.

    thats all life is. actions and reactions controlled by a bigger whole. were a sitcom.
  10. 3lumps, do you really think a group of sadistic, sociopathic, people like that would be able to form a society big enough to acheive world dominance?

    They would turn on each other, either through mistrust, or greed.
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    I love how you asdume that we just wouldbt get it just because..... Why wouldnt we get it??? Are we too stupid?? Or is it just coz we are mature enough to think past ridiculous theories so we actually see that the idea of the illuminati is a little ridiculous and therefore most probably deny the theories and conspiracies???? Cmon man. Even of the illuminati exist doesbt mean your theories are above our understandings. Thats like calling the illuminati a diety. Which they arent. By a long shot.
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    I agree. Thats why nothin has happenef yet, and also what pisses me off. Earlier in this thread somebody said that illuminati have done a good job at keeping themselves in the dark and all tht. Thats just. A crappy excuse. Nothing is ever gonna happen. Because it woulnt work. And thats why nothing has happened and never will.
  13. 21st of December 2012, people.

    If you don't start believing now, your only killing yourself.
  14. Lol. And how is that huh??
  15. I'm looking forward to the end.

    Only thing that worries me is having a large enough weapons stockpile.
  16. you are confused, they are not satanists but of judeo-christian religion. they've spread their views to control the simple minds of followers.

    op, you ask about after, they will have control. if you havent seen Equilibrium, watch it. this is basically the future they would wish.
    there is another rumor that they want world wide peace, unfortunately with free thought comes opinions, differences, and eventually leads to disagreements. so they would have to strip us of it. hence there is religion/cults.
  17. I'd also like to point out the whole theory implies that every majorly successful person EVERYWHERE is a member of the illuminati.
  18. The NWO is real. The Illuminati is real. All drugs are legal worldwide, unicorns exist, glee is an amazing show, and the constant military involvement of the US in other countries is definitely not responsible for the gradual formation of jihad extremist groups.
  19. i cant say i believe 100% that this is happening, because its a big debbie downer if i believe it completely. who wants to live in a world were they are corraled consciously and subconsciously and led to believe in free thought but in actuality our decisions are predetermined way before we ever make them.

    but the reason i argue that they exist is because of what i want to call, proof, thats in books, on tv and online. there were the illuminati at one point, thats a fact. the argument is if they are still around today, and how powerful are they.

    the illuminati arent the only secret society. there are a few and each one is in control of some very important things. like the knights templar have all the secrets of history and about jesus christ and possibly eternal life.
    the illuminati are a satantic society. theyve all traded who they are on the inside, for material things and position in this society. they perform rituals and sacrifice and they build clever and complex places of worship, and even designed some cities.

    what it all has to do with 2012/2011 is that, since these societies know these history secrets that have been passed down since the beginning of everything, they know how history repeats, and what to prepare for. especially if 2012/2011 events supposedly happen on a cycle of 2000 or 200,000 years whatever it is. theyve prepared for this, and the elite, im talking elite people in power on this planet will go far underground.

    the rest with money that know these dates, have been building huge bunkers for decades, preparing for this. the fact that were even talking about it, and so is the whole world,shows that events are coming. what what direction, its anyones guess. but alot of people are putting their money on this "comet" thats coming, and the effect it has on our oceans. people are preparing for water to come inland up to 600ft above sea level.

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    who gives a fuck? not trying to be rude :)

    but really, how about everyone accepts they're not in control? I mean, you people that "believe" just sit on a computer and preach to people that don't believe you.

    If the illumanti does exist, that would be a forum of control too. Keeping you caught up in what's happening.. Trying to explain things... Even the user above me is predicting the future? :rolleyes: I mean, look at his sig. What the fuck? Is that happy? Is that sad? Is that scare tactics?

    You people have yourselves fooled into bullshit. Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes life is amazing. Some people die happy. Others die horribly.

    It's time to say FUCK IT. I'm going to live my life because I could die today. None of this shit matters. Your friends, your family, your memories, your love, your weed, your music, your dance, your health... these are things one should concern themselves with.

    Have fun worrying about the future :rolleyes:


    Most of this stuff only gives anxiety and spreads fear. If the end of the world were to happen, no one could stop it.. It's better to be happy and live life for now.

    All I'm saying is make your beliefs based off of love. Don't make your beliefs based off of fear. I know some will try to cover their ass and say they feel they need to inform people or blah blah blah, no. That's all bullshit because not one single one of us knows FOR SURE 100% and that alone should be enough reason to not fall into this fear bullshit.

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