Question about the use of RoundUp for killing weeds in Veg/Garden

Discussion in 'General' started by pickerman, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Ok with all the controvesy going on about RoundUp does anyone really know how bad it would be to kill weeds in an area where I want to plant tomato plants, I am interested in any and all material related to it's use on the soil before planted and it;s safety. If it is safe to do how long after applying is it safe to plant the plants, is RundUp Systemic?
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  4. I have in the past used Round-up the weed killer
    but never ever near my weed or eatables
    On the Ru label it says to avoid food crops
    after all what are you risking..?

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  6. Thank You,
  7. Thank You
    I forgot all about Vinegar, Perfect solution
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  8. Round up is known for causing cancer. I would avoid it at all costs and just pull those fuckers up by the roots with my bare hands.
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  9. I mixed some salt, vinager and dish soap per recipe found on google worked prety good for some poison ivy i had to take care of
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  10. Cool, I wish I had read this earlier. I just used RUp for some poison ivy today. I hate it but I hate the ivy more. I would never use it on a garden bed tho.
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  11. RoundUp is one of Monsanto's flagship products. I wouldn't fuck with it in or around the garden in any way, shape, or form. There are many organic/natural herbicides on the market, and lots of different homemade solutions available as well. My advice is don't buy or use Round Up at all.
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    Thank You All, Great advice

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