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Question about the stuff I'm gettin'

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SharpC, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I'm fairly new to smoking and I got a real close friend who says he can get me some "Cronic". He says this is some good stuff, but I wanna know if he knows what he's talking about. Is Cronic even a term used to describe it?
  2. Chronic is really bad weed. Don't buy any of it, ask him if he has any brick or schwag.
  3. Yep its really good weed high in thc content dr dre and snoop dog talk about it alot.
  4. yes chronic is a term to describe good weed some people describe it as weed laced with cocaine

  5. ^ lol
  6. its not reggies.

    could be anything else though
  7. Let him know ur gonna kick his ass if he ever says that word to you again.

    Its an aggressive ass savage insult.
  8. #8 Phisherman, Aug 13, 2011
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    Ya this guy is correct. Schwag is the BEST stuff
  9. I'm new, but not retarded. Thanks.
  10. Where Im from Chronic is middle of the road high end weed. Between Kb and Heads...17.50 a g shit haha
  11. I had bought an 8th of brick covered with 5 grinder fulls of keif. Not that bad actually
  12. Jc, this is a forum for helping people, not being assholes and misleading them. Chronic is good stuff, but a dealer will say anything to sell their product. They're no better than a car salesman.
  13. Lol'd at 2nd post :smoke:

  14. its good shit man, all there is to it

  15. Thanks, this is what I wanted to know.
    As for whether or not he's bluffing, I can trust him. Like a brother to me.
  16. How much are you paying and for what amount?
  17. #17 smokin5280, Aug 13, 2011
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    Get a new dealer, mine is cool as shit, he doesn't lie, quality product, consistent prices, tons of hookups...and btw I was a car salesman for years, we aren't all bad.
  18. I'm just saying that dealers and car salesmen aren't there to make friends. I don't have a very good hookup and I don't know enough people to find one(if I made a thread asking how I would get a "Seen this here thread before" over and over).
  19. Chronic is good dude
  20. its good shit, not like kush or dank. but its good mids 10-15 a g. if he tries to say 20-25 it better be dank. if your unsure ask if he can weigh it. heres average cronic prices.

    eighth-30-45(depending on quality) (3.5 grams)
    quarter-55-75(quality again) (7.0 grams)
    half-100-120 (14 grams)
    Ounce-180-250 (28 grams)

    there ya go man :)

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