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  1. My northern lights is two weeks into flower and started off female. I can't tell if she's turning into a hermie, there's a few of these around some of the hairs but not on every bud site. Can someone tell me if she's turning hermie or if it's something different?

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  2. Looks like it hermed.[​IMG]

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  3. That looks like a seed pod forming to me...but give it a little more time. If it's a male, more of those will appear on the plant and they usually are in bunches...not singular. Might just be something putting out on your plant, but has the shape and appearance of the dreaded pollen sac. If you're sure you had a female to start...and they don't show sex in veg until around 2 months of age, then you've done something during flower to cause it to hermie. Some strains are easier to hermie than others, but it's usually light leaks or interruptions in light schedule over a period of time or heavy stress of some sort. My husband hermied a whole flower room full once when he decided to trim during flower...not recommended. LOL It takes them a bit of time to mature and open, so you're in no danger of pollinating anything right now, so just keep an eye on it. If you see more, you're males for sure. TWW
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  4. Agreed something stressed that thing out OR its just a genetic mutation....years ago I remember having an ak47 that did that....I plucked off the would be pollen sac....then plucked like 2 or 3 more...then they stopped appearing....plant finished just fine with beast mode grade nugs......I would tell do the same if I was you...BUT...If that continues and or starts to cluster....well then if that happens consider scrapping the plant ...OR donate it to someone you don't really like......LOL

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  5. Yeah I'll probably throughly inspect it over the next week and pick off the poplin sacks, that's a ton guys!

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