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Discussion in 'General' started by pimpygrub, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. I noticed that sometimes it seems like people give you good rep, but that the little icon is blue when the other one is green. What does the blue square mean next to the rep? anyone know?
  2. someone has given you plus rep but hasn't posted enough or received enough rep for it to count. Therefor its neutral
  3. Ok, thanks man. So the rep I'm giving isn't even any good as far as the rep system goes?
  4. Is all good man. Sharing the love and giving rep is just showing that you agree with someone or think they posted well. All plus rep is positive weather it add to your rep penis or not.

  5. truth, its the thought that counts.
  6. yea , some people think its so important but its not. its just a rep system vbulletin included way back in the 2nd version
  7. Oh and yep yours is neutral at the mo.. Do some good posts and I'm sure you'll be giving out green bars in a jiffy.
  8. Next time, Search button.
  9. I did search but I didnt find anything...
  10. neg rep for lying
    and another neg rep for not using the search button.
    jk dude, you'd probably be in the red if i gave you 2 neg reps :smoking:
  11. reds my fav color

    neg rep me
  12. ha ha funniest post all day
  13. Not this shit again.
  14. just wondering but how many green bars do you have to have before your rep counts?
  15. Like others have said, tons of threads on this subject.
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