question about the relationship between the piece and its hit size potential

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  1. I have to smoke out of a little one-hitter that looks like a cigarette, but after using it for about two weeks I've realized that the thing is not getting me to my high potential. The hits were always too small.
    Has anyone else had this problem? I feel like I am wasting good weed (blue dream and afgan goo) by not getting extremely high when I should be.

    I don't have any other tools and I'm never going to smoke through aluminum again, so I'm thinking about switching to the apple, which is easy.
    So would I get higher off the same amount of weed if I smoked through the apple instead of the one-hitter?
  2. yea a little bit more I would say, apples rip pretty good if you bore them out well.
  3. Maybe you could try to somehow use the one-hitter as a downtube for a homemade bong. I did it a few times and it actually works pretty decently :D
  4. Ah, yes I thought about that. I could make a gravity bong out of a bottle and use the one hitter as the bowl. It's super easy to do. I think i'll probably do that.
  5. Why don't you just get a REAL piece?! Or are you too young?
  6. alright just made the gravity bong. it took like 2 minutes. all i did was poke a few small holes in a plastic cap then shoved the one hitter in, and filled the bottle with water, screwed the cap on, then i loaded the one hitter completely full, then i poked a hole in the bottom, and lit the bowl as te water drained and pulled in the smoke. took it all in one hit and there was no smoke.

    im feeling pretty good off it right now. ill post again later and see where im at
  7. i dont have a car and the nearest place to get one is too far away to walk. i COULD do it but it would take like 3 hours of walking. i could also buy one online but i live in a college dormitory and i dont want to ship a piece here, its a little sketchy.
  8. You could get a PO box or whatever they are called, the little boxes for mail. Then that solves your problem
  9. wouldn't using the one hitter as a bowl still give you the same size hit either way? so making a gbong or something like that would give you the same effect.

  10. not if you have a big chamber to fill up and take in all in one hit.

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