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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by cryptix420, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. So, I have an eighth of some magical mushrooms. My dealer said they are "california gold"

    Anyway, just wondering, I've never done 'shrooms before, but I've done a lot of DXM, weed, x, salvia, and morning glory. Just wondering, if I eat all of these, and it ends up being too intense, is it going to be something I can chill myself out of, or am I going to be fucked out of my brain for 6 hours wanting to die?

    Btw, I'll just be in my room home alone the whole time, probably listening to music and surfing GC

    Thx :smoking:
  2. Shroom trips are pretty intense, but, especially for first timers, it tends to be an overwhelming feeling of euphoria. As long as you're pretty laid-back and not worried about getting caught or anything, you should be fine. Just roll with it. But to answer your question, if you start having a bad trip, and you're alone, it can indeed spiral deeper and get worse. In which case, yes, you could spend the better portion of 6 hours freaking out wishing you were dead. I've tripped at least a dozen times, and I've never had a dangerously bad trip or anything. Just remember that whatever happens during the trip is impermanent, that you will eventually get back to normal, and everything should be fine. For the most part shrooms are a very enjoyable experience. Have fun and be safe!
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    Just take an eighth and chill the fuck out. ;)
    Don't try to go half assed on it and no you just got to accept the trip and let it take you, trying to make yourself sober is an example of fighting a trip, fighting a trip = a bad trip.
  4. Yea don't take them right now.

    By yourself, in your room, first time.

    That = bad trip....get outside.
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    True, I didn't even think to mention that. Being cramped in a room is somewhat depressing on shrooms. Outside, you get a full dose of how glorious Earth and mother nature is. It's funny how shrooms intensify the "auras" that different rooms and locations give off. Some rooms will give you bad vibes, but if you go outside, you're bound to appreciate the openness.
  6. Last I checked it was 6 degrees outside.
  7. Buy some Carhartt gear and enjoy the winter splendor. I wouldn't let something small like 6 degree weather ruin my fun. Plus, that's not even that cold. We get -40 degree wind chills around here sometimes.
  8. I probably won't be able to get a hold of any mushroom until the weather is warmer anyway.

    I could imagine it would be a fun experience though. Hanging out, at the park, on mushrooms. Normally I'd probably get bored but not while tripping..

    I never tried them before, so I'm looking forward to it.
  9. Well, seeing as I live in San Diego and it's about 75 degrees most of the time lately, going outside shouldn't be too much of a problem :)

    Thanks for the tips
  10. If your trip turns "bad" you just have to do something to distract yourself. Put on your favourite song or something and you'll be feeling gooooood
  11. just go with the flooow
  12. Why stay in your room?

    I find that ill get claustrophobic if im in a smaller room, or even just in a normal room for a extended period of time.

    Go outside, or just keep changing the environment, go to another room and try something else after an hour.

    Just dont think about anything going bad, or else you wont be able to stop thinking about it (my view)
  13. Well if he's in a position like me where we have family members around it would be pretty obvious I'm on some type of drug if I'm out in the yard oo'ing and ah'ing at everything.
  14. Ha ha ha, I laughed out loud at that and I'm sober.
  15. My buddy says whenever he has a bad trip or just wants it to be over he drinks a glass of milk with some xanax... dunno if it works cuz ive personally never wanted to end a trip haha
  16. Um, no. I'm sorry but that is terrible advice. Synergism is nothing to fuck around with when it comes to shrooms, the exception being weed. Smoking weed can definitely help calm you down. Overdosing on xanax is never a good idea anyway--and taking the recommended dosage wouldn't have an effect at all (at least not on me).
  17. watch planet earth, its amazing.
  18. I didnt tell him to take 20 also said dunno if it really works.

    :eek: :devious:
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    Ah I know man I wasn't trying to jump down your throat, I just really don't like when people abuse xanax. Such a worthless drug. I for one only support experimentation with weed, shrooms, and acid. Other drugs tend to do more harm than good.

    edit: eh, peyote's good too.
  20. im totally against xanax. not getting into it in this thread but... that is what my buddy said works, so I was throwing my 2 cents out

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