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Question about the length of a high...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vainglorious, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. How come everyone always seems to stay higher longer than I do? I always thought maybe it was a size issue I'm about 6'1" 230lbs so maybe it was that and that I needed to smoke more weed. But I recently while smoking with my friend who without exaggeration weighs 400+ pounds that he stays higher longer than I do. I'm never paranoid I only smoke when totally relaxed in a controlled environment. What could be the cause of this? After almost three hours he said he was finally starting to come down - but I had came down after about the first hour and a half. HELP!

    I don't smoke blunts.

    I have a bong that I use and I take MONSTER hits.

    What gives? :(
  2. Generally a bong hit will provide a more potent high, but compared to joints/blunts, the feeling doesn't last as long. 1-2 hours from one hit is pretty good. I haven't met anyone who can sustain good high for longer than that without taking more pulls. Your 400 lbs friend is a lucky moder...
  3. some people have a natural tolerance that is higher than others. and some people can smoke for years all day every day and still stay high for a long time. looks like you didn't luck out.
  4. Also depends on the grade of what your smoking man...
  5. If its not tolerance, potency of your weed, or the method of smoking, then its just how you are. Ide be happy you can stay high for even that long.
  6. you may not be inhaling right? I'm not an expert, but I know when I first started smoking 6 years ago, I wouldn't inhale right or long enough and I didn't stay high for very long. Also, if you eat something after you smoke, your buzz will go away too..
  7. Not hitting it right? I'll try to best explain how I take my hits. I'll conjure up a demon of a cloud in my bong and then I just RIP the whole thing up in one blast. I just try to get it all down at once because for how much smoke I like to pull into the chamber it hurts to take it slowly especially since it gets stale so quickly. Is that a bad way to take a hit? I have pretty gigantic lungs and have a reputation for blowing some diesel clouds. Should there not be much smoke on the way out? Actually while I'm at it - is there an ideal length of time to hold your hit in?

  8. is there a correct way to inhale cus i think i may be doing it wrong im not sure though...:smoke:
  9. As long as you get the smoke in your lungs and hold it for about 3-5 secs, you should be getting baked, it's probably just natural tolerance. You could buy better weed if your that concerned, or just smoke another bowl or two.
  10. It's probably tolerance. I used to get high for hours and hours but now it's not nearly as long.

    I even remember when I'd wake up high from smoking at like 3pm the previous day haha.
  11. That used to happen to me frequent. I found a great new method of getting blazed.

    1. Get chronic that smells like it could kill a small animal

    2. Get a rather large blunt wrap [Fruity preference]

    3. Twist up a monster

    4. Cured.

  12. youz a nuts mothafucka!
    but really, thats not true

    and to answer your question yeah
    how often do u smoke?
    because its prolly ur tolerance or sumthan
  13. If I buy an ounce, by the end of it I can only stay really high for like 20 minutes, and pretty much all the feeling is gone before the hour is over. I think it has to do with smoking the same strain, because when I make another purchase I stay high for 1-2 hours like normal

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