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Question About The Law

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by inn0centbystander, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. So if I'm a passenger (with nothing on me) in a car my friend is driving and he gets pulled over and they find weed in the car will I get in trouble for that? 

  2. what state do you live in?
    Minnesota. but the reason I ask is because we're going on a roadtrip to Chicago soon and I've heard they're quite a bit harsher than MN (decriminalized) is.
  4. That depends on a lot of things.

    1.) Why did the officer stop you?
    2.) Why is he asking if you have drugs/weapons?

    3.) Where exactly in the car the weed is found? Ex. The trunk vs under your seat gives you as the passenger a little more plausable deniability.

    4.) Were you cooperative with the officer?
    5.) How much of the substance you had.
    6.) If your buddy takes the fall, if not then you'll probably all go to jail/get a ticket.

  5. If the weed is under your seat, in some states its technically considered in your possession.
  6. wrap it in the drunk and don't get pulled over!
  7. Vacuum seal in and put it in your coolant tank.
  8. It is constructive possession google it

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