Question about "The Fade".

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  1. I've got 8 plants in 3gal pots,in coco loco. I'm coming up on week 7 and I've yet to see any type of fade starting. One of the strains is Lost Coast Hashplant, I've grown it several times and it always starts yellowing early.....too early I felt sometimes but always ended up finishing perfect. I might be answering my own question but I did add a bit of crab meal and bone meal to my mix this time. Could it still be slow releasing N keeping them green? I'll be starting my flush any day now,trichs are getting cloudy. My other strains,GSC,Chemdawg#4,and Blueberry Kush says they are 9 to 10 weekers so I'll start flushing in a week or so. I appreciate any input. Thanks 20190801_194820.jpg 20190801_193115.jpg 20190801_193202.jpg 20190801_194604.jpg 20190801_194652.jpg 20190801_194709.jpg
  2. you are at least 2 weeks out. those are young bud, but they look very good
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  3. Yeah, I'm just used to alot more yellow,and other colors,at this time. Lost Coast seems to finish well around 60-65 days. The others I'm not sure. It's my first run with em. And thanks.
  4. Dayuuuuum! Looking pretty awesome!
  5. I really appreciate it. This chemdawg #4 is some funky ass poo poo. Looking forward to trying it out.
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  6. man that looks awesome. starting out my first attempt this week. if october rolls around and i am looking at stuff even remotely close to that i will be ecstatic!!!
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  7. Thanks man. I've only been back in the game about a year after 6 yrs off. I love every minute of gardening. Feel free to ask anything,I'll help where I can. One thing I highly recommend is a top shelf pH meter,it really changed my game. Starting with good genetics doesnt hurt either. I will say that I'm impressed with these LED lights also as I was always a HID guy. Good luck!
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  8. Yeah I'm ordering some of that soon for sure now. I want to breed that with my strains. Looks flippin' fantabulous!
  9. I would love to try some crosses myself. I've got a lack of space atm.
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