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Discussion in 'General' started by RedSorcerer, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Haha, just a basic question that I\'ve been contemplating for a bit and can\'t bring myself to find out.

    In the reputation scale, next to each rep, there\'s a box. Usually green colored. But sometimes purple. What do the purple boxes represent?

    Thanks for shedding some light guys =]
  2. The purple/grey boxes are neutral reputation; reputation recieved from someone with to low of a post count/reputation to make an impact on your\'s.
  3. Never wrapped my head around the rep system myself. I just know I got a lot of it, and that is quite sufficient :)

    Don\'t worry, be a nice dude/dudette, and those little green squares will come along. Besides, they are nothing but an arbitrary measurement of perceived, uhm, shit, I\'m out of words. Was trying for coolness, but that isn\'t true. Neither is insightfull or popular as such.

    Just don\'t give a crap. Just be you, and if other people like what you say, and more importantly, like you and your contribution to the city, you will gain something more important than little green dots. Have fun :smoke:
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