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question about thc

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gag On Grass, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. i was just thinkin, i don't even know how thc leaves your body. The only time i know when it's leaving is when i pass some of the worst farts of my life or i burp and smoke comes out :p. So, anyone know?
  2. i am pretty sure you either crap it out or urinate it out
  3. THC is absorbed into your blood stream through the tissue in your lungs... from there the body "turns it into" metabolites that are excreted into your bladder from the kidney and is then pissed out fully processed as "waste".
  4. i have pretty healthy urine then
  5. if youve never smoked pot before your body treats THC like a toxin, and just tries to flush it out. Once your body gets used to it, it doesnt treat it it like a toxin anymore and your body processes it out of your bloodstream, then fat cells similar too any other substance in your body. You primarily pee and sweat it out, although im sure there is THC in in the fatty acids of your poop.

    Hehe, poop. :)
  6. Peter: Hey Lois "Diarrhea"
    Lois: Peter, you know I'm holding some ice teas.

  7. some of the thc gets stored in your body fat.. so lets say you havent been smoking one day and work out, or if your fat maybe just run to the fridge :p
    you can get a little buzz from it couse when you work out it releases some of it.
  8. imagine people drinking their urine to try and get high again XD But, thanks a lot for the info, very insightful

  9. mad props. i heard that it reacts with the fat in your body to metablolize. thats why you get the munchies

  10. i think thats false, a chemical in marijuana besides THC gives you the munchies, cottonmouth, red eyes ect. Thats why when you vap you get none of those effects. So I'd have to disagree purely on personal experience and not on science.
  11. hahah right on dude
  12. I have always wondered this...

    When you detox with azos or niacin, and you piss out basically all of the thc in your urinary tract, does it lower your tolerance? THC could still be stored in your fat cells, and your urinary tract might be clean, so you still would have a tolerance. Or maybe I'm thinking about this wrong....
  13. niacin doesnt purely clean out your urinary tract, it makes the cells in your body metabolize faster, and kicks out toxins. if you detoxed and still had thc in your fat cells i imagine you'd have a tolerance, though flushing any out and quitting the reef for any amount of time will lower your tolerance to some degree.
  14. actually, thc does stimulate your metabolizm. And you're right there are other chemicals that do certain things, however the reason you're eyes get red is because the arteries in your eyes dialate like no other, and munchies is purely the power of suggestion in the mind. You dont get hungry, your mind thinks about food, then persuades your body to be "hungry".
  15. how is that so when vaping will almost and usually entirely leave that effect out?
  16. not true man sorry. haha cool this is the 2nd thread here about munchies. anyways,

    The Hypothalamus also senses the Leptin released from your stomach and reacts accordingly. Leptin is the protein that is released when your body senses you are over eating. The hypothalamus then takes this information and decreases your appetite. When this function can not be performed it causes people to get the "munchies".

    isnt just in ur mind :)

  17. Well... the THC can't come out because your body has used it. Other wise people would be extracting hash from their feces. You piss out a THC metabolite that is utterly useless except to help you fail drug tests.

    First of all niacin speeds up your metabolism to burn of stored THC metabolites... and it's only a theory. It has been proven to not work by several labs but the debate is alive and it's... possible.

    The AZO standard on the other hand doesn't clean out your urinary tract or lower your tolerance... it has a dangerous chemical in it that has been proven to cause cancer (by the state of California) and it interferes with your drug test. It's very unreliable as well.

    There's only two ways to pass a U.A. The first is to be legitly clean. The other one is to dilute your urine and use supplements to knock off all the dilution notification factors that labs use. (Creatine, B3, B6, B12) stuff like that.

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