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Question about THC absorption

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by daveed78, Dec 2, 2017.


Will a .4g dab or two .2g dabs get you higher? (Please read the 2nd paragraph before voting)

  1. .4g

  2. Two .2g

  3. Same

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  1. A friend and I were arguing over whether taking a full .4g dab or two .2g dabs would get you higher. His argument is that .4 will hit you harder and you'll feel more high from that. I understand where he's coming from, but I personally feel like it only makes me more high at first, then it wears off. My argument was that since the smoke/vapor from dabs is mostly THC (if it's not burned) and whenever you hit any amount of dabs, there'll usually be some smoke/vapor that you'll exhale, that implies that THC isn't absorbed instantly, especially with dabs. So my reasoning is that since there is a non-instant rate of absorption, at some point you're just holding in more THC in your lungs than you can physically process if you just take one massive dab. On top of that since it's a way bigger dab, you're going to want to exhale it sooner, meaning your going to give your lungs even less time to process the THC. That's why I think that taking 2 separate dabs that add up to the same size as one bigger one, will get you higher than the bigger dab because you'll essentially be limiting how much you overload your lungs with THC, allowing you're lungs to absorb more THC over a longer period of time.

    Also I want to say one thing, I understand that there is a point in how high you get where you wouldn't really be able to tell the difference. I just want to clarify I'm talking purely from a chemical stand point, as in if you absorb x, y amounts of THC, even if both x and y are really big and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between how high you are, if y>x then technically y gets you higher.

    What do you people think about this? I want to know if there's anything I overlooked or if there's a different way to go about this all together.

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