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question about testin medical marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by yellow bic, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. i know you can test buds for thc content as well as cbd content

    my question is dont you mail in your samples>? and if so isnt that breaking some sort of federal law, since its the mail.

    also, if it is indeed illegal, why wouldnt the cops just be intercepting the testing companies mail constantly, and or plan a raid>?>

    just very confused on it all. im gonna have a few samples once my grow is done that i would like to get tested before i sell them at my shop, and just to kknow if i came close to the plants potential or not :p

  2. Mailing samples is the same thing as getting generic medicine through the mail? It's not Illegal far as i know. An from the olive branch i hear its rare that they're samplings going through the mail, the testing companies often pick up the meds and drive them to their labs, or vice verse.
  3. You don't have to mail samples in for testing. You can drop off the flowers or concentrates at teh facilities. Oregon Green Labs is based in Medford I believe but has drop off boxes at several locations throughout the state for convenience and so your medicine isn't intercepted.

  4. no its not the same thing because marijuana is illegal lol hence my question.

    thanks for the answers guys.

    if anyone has more firsthand info i would appreciate it! thanks again :smoke:
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    They do mail samples from my collective to L.A. testing facility. They don't use U.S. Postal Services, they use FEDEX.
  6. Negative repping me doesn't hurt my feelings man. Honestly if you don't have any valid points, don't post. I told you from first had experience my company has shipped samples thru fedex, they get it cleared through state levels and its cleared.
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    trust me i didnt do it to hurt your feelings. and everything i have said are valid points.....this is my thread.

    what do you get cleared???? in colorado we have the MMED which is the medical marijuana enforcement department, they actually clear things like traveling with weed and what not. to my knowledge california doesnt have anything like this statewise to clear something like that through....or do they.....thats why im asking quesitons.

    now i finally get what people mean when they say GC has changed, and for the worse. ill just stick to the vip section like most other old schoolers do cause of people like you.

    dont you fucking dare try to play age police with me though. i even thanked you for your first hand account and yet you still want to start shit.
  8. Is this helpful?:confused:
    Colorado Medical Marijuana Lab Raided By DEA While Owners Attended Senate Hearing On MMJ

  9. Any more flaming and fighting and I'll just lock this up and move on. Knock it off.
  10. In Michigan fed ex has agreed to ship samples for testing facilities as long as it's shipped from Michigan, to Michigan.

    One of the testing facilities came to our group meeting Monday and handed out packets for sending in tests. Here's a pic of the kit with the fed ex Pre addressed envelopes.

  11. now thats what i was looking for!

    thanks for the info, thats pretty interesting that they came up with that packaging.
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    ehh kinda of, i knew that raid happened a lil while back and thats kinda what made me wonder about it some more! thanks for the link tho! :smoke:

    edit: one thing i really dont like about testing is the fact that you can send something that say has mold on it and the lab will definitely tell you that its moldy and is no good. yet there are no restrictions in place that say whoever sent in the sample must pull that off there shelves.....sure thats the morally right thing to do, but legaly they dont have to. and thats what scares me about testing, people can still lie about the thc content and or still sell unsafe product.

    im hoping CO will come up with something that states if medicine is tested and found to be unhealthy that the dispensary must pull it from shelves, or something like that
  13. Agree with Bic, All meds should be tested, an if anything is wrong with them they get pulled.

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