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Question about T-Break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vincentlink, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Since I wont be able to pick up for around 4 months ( read my other thread if you want) I had a question about a tbreak. I was wondering that when the THC in your body is gone, will you have no tolerance. Like after a month there is absolutely no thc in your system will you go back to 0 tolerance? Thanks...
  2. Sadly, I don't believe it works like that.

    Tolerance I think is based on how familiar your body is being high.

    This guy that lives across the park from me was a daily toker for about 10 years. He fell in love with this girl who convinced him to quit toking. They broke up after about 18 months and he was fully ripped after his first joint after so long.

    It was only about another joint and a half before his tolerence was back on form.
  3. The neutral receptors in your brain that respond to THC (CB1 receptors) become de-sensitized over time with frequent exposure. This is similar to how you become ‘used’ to a smell and don’t notice it anymore. However, if you leave the area for a while and return, the smell is suddenly very noticeable again.

    Abstaining for a length of time allows your neutral receptors to ‘reset’. It is doubtful that you will ever be a true 0 again, but with a good break most people can come close.

    Everybody has a unique physiology, but a general rule of thumb follows:
    30 days = a wipe.
    60-90 = a reset.

    The only way to tell how quickly you can lose/gain tolerance is to take note of your own unique experiences regarding cannabis.

  4. hell yeah this means i'm gonna be ripped as fuck on 4/20 (when I end my t-break) :D
  5. I remember reading that the half life of THC is 7 days. So after 7 days of not smoking, you have half the THC in your system than you did a week ago. 7 days after that, half again. So it would take a while to get all the THC out of your system, and that's not even figuring in how long until you'll feel like a pot virgin again.

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