question about switching to flowering for a pheno

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  1. I have a pheno veging from seed its 34 days from poping up and Im not concerned with my yield I just want to keep the plant short is the plant going to flower when I switch to 12/12 if it is too young? from what I heard its got to be two to three months old or growing alternating leaves up top.

  2. I switched mine to flower after about 25 days, what's your growth like so far?
  3. Yes it will flower when you start 12/12. It should take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to show pistils and start the flowering process.
    mine is short and bushy about 8 inches with very big leaves but the leaves are still increasing in the number of fingers I thought it had stopped at 5 but now they are coming out with 7. it has branches started coming out of all the nodes of the leafs im planning on flowering when the side branches get a little longer.
  5. I guess I should ask if im going to be flowering a plant that is small does it require less weeks of flowering time?
  6. Nope
  7. On such a little plant and short grow cycle what are you expecting to yield per plant? Never heard of someone doing this before

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  8. its from a non feminized seed so i just want to get a small yield and i know the bud from this strain will be very good.  my plan is to replace it with a feminized white widow that's germing right now because i know its worth the time in veg. i had two sleestack skunks in the solo cup it came from but only one broke thru the surface of the dirt a month ago and its in my only biggest pot  like 5 gallon with a water catcher real nice but i would like to use it for a different strain.
    im going to post a pic of the plant if i can from my cell phone camera.
    whats your grow set up for such small yields? also why use such a big pot? waste of medium is it not?
  10. how do i post pictures???
  11. best pics i could take from my cell camera with no zoom the second pic is most of the undergrowth i think its forming branches from the nodes of the stalk and leaf stems

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  12. where is the plant at in terms of bloom in those pics?
    Looks good.
  13. it would be such a shame to flower that when it has such potential. rethink it, think bigger man
  14. its on 18/6 no preflowers its from seed
  15. The plant looks really good, but it needs to get bigger before you flip into flower. Go another couple of weeks. It will be worth it in the end. You will need to keep it in 12/12 for at least 8 weeks. What's your light situation?
  16. I am using a top led 3w100.
  17. I just installed a digital 2 output socket timer from hydro something or another but it seems like my light got slightly less bright and the cooling fans slowed down slightly now that its plugged into this. anyone think its possibly causing less power to go to the light? I wonder what will happen when I hook up my 4" fan and filter to the second output....could pop the circuit breaker in the garage but that's not a concern but would it lower the intensity of my light. my first concern was the label on the light says 80-240 volts and the timer is 120 volts high wattage and high amps. its plugged into a regular outlet. I know that my china led is incorrect as to actual power consumption like everyone says but still the numbers don't match.
  18. I may veg for longer now that I just planted some germed seeds today and want them to be on 18/6 as much as possible (they are autos). Its not realistic to put the pheno in a dark room after 12 hours of light on a daily basis.
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    every output in every household can max out 15 amps. i run 3 fans, a 400w mh/hps, digital timer on one output downstairs while 20ft away I'm on another blasting music on my laptop charging my phone playing xbox. always pay attention to the amps not the wattage/volts. 
  20. yeah it says 15 amps on the timer

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