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  1. I recently started four plants in my roommate's closet. Three of them grew well, but the other one I messed up. It ended up becoming mutated because I was following Nebula's method for mainlining and followed it word for word. I switched the plants to 12/12 when the biggest one was 8", because of the space restrictions growing in a closet. After another one or two weeks they were pushing two feet. Yet they had leaves on them that were the classic indica fat leaves. I didn't expect them to stretch so much. At this rate they would have been too tall for the space I have in the closet by the time they were done flowering. Those three that I didn't mess up turned out to be males, so the one mutated one (also didn't grow as tall as the others) is quite comfortable in the space it has right now. Is it impossible to tell just by characteristics that denote whether they're indica or sativa how much they will potentially stretch, and without actually having a height listed under the strain's description to go by? Would it actually be effective in controlling the plant's final height if I switched them when they were about 4" tall, or would the long flowering time compared to the short veg time cause me to end up with three or four foot plants by the time they're done?
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  3. Each strain (even each genotype) will stretch in different ways. Sativa's tend to stretch way more than indicas, a ''pure'' sativa will almost triple in size and will stretch for many weeks. Most strains now are so hybridized that it's really difficult to predict the stretch, some seed companies will give you an idea but they still show quite a degree of variability. That being said old school indicas tend to stay pretty short which could be a good choice for your height restrictions. I have had some blueberry and white widow that would barely stretch at all (+/- 25%)
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  4. So I guess it's a good idea to properly research the strains I grow before I just throw them in my closet. Thanks for your help.
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  5. You can always supercrop and train it to grow more flat if you have the room that way.
  6. Yes, I would do that, but it would be challenging to tie the plants down as I'm using fabric pots. When I tie my plants down and to the edges of the pot, after I've got my knot nice and tight the sides of the pot flex in easily and I lose all the tension I tied the plant down with. Do you know if there is a way to properly tie down plants when using fabric pots, and would it work better if I got the proper soft plant ties/higher durability plant ties? I just used some dental floss that I found around the house that had a kind of padding on it where I put it around the plant. I wasn't really worried about fucking up the plants because I just started these seeds as a practice grow for shits and giggles while I wait to get money together to buy all the growing stuff I need. Oh, and, I don't think I would have the space in my closet to fit four plants that were supercropped. Maybe if I tied them down slightly though.
  7. A PROPER way?
    I know a damned-good way;

    The pipe cleaners are superior to my needs
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  8. So you used a needle to sew whatever thread you used through the tops of the pots, folding them down? I'm not sure if that would work with my pots, as the handle on them is a lot smaller than yours, but I might like to try it. Thanks for posting.
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    Garden Velcro (or any Velcro works great. Sticks right to the fabric pots. If you need to really pull hard, you can 'back up' the Velcro with a clothespin or a big clamp style paperclip. The more Velcro you run down the pot, the better/stronger it holds. Velcro isn't a one hit trick for training, it works great for staking up/down etc. The garden stuff comes in rolls you can just what ever length works for you. There is nothing special about the 'garden' designation on the garden Velcro, it just comes in green and has 1 type of surface on each side.
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  10. I used the safety pins for a while but saw someone with clips and thought it would be alot easier and they are.
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  11. No...
    I used horse blanket pins (quilt cover pins) as anchors on the edge of the pot.
    Threaded the pipe cleaner through that.
    I have a journal that shows my LSTing with photos.
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  12. velcro plant ties will adhere to fabric pots
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  13. +1 gardening velco, stuff is great with fabric pots.
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  14. And I have had this stuff in the grow room the whole time and never knew i am going to give it a shot right now..
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  15. No, I, merely, folded the tops over.
  16. tooslow, I looked on your profile and it doesn't have a link to your journal. Can you give me the link?

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