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  1. What up guys starting a new grow and I am wondering about odor control. I will have a carbon filter and a 6" 400 cfm exhaust fan that exhausts air outside of my 4x4 flower room. I was thinking of growing reserva privada sour kush but I am worried that when I open the door to my grow room to water and prune that I will stink up my whole house and that isn't going to work for the wife that I know for sure. Is that a possibility? If it is I can I get some suggestions for a very potent strain that has lower odor? Thanks a lot
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    You don't have to worry.  Why?   Negative pressure  :metal:
    Your fan will be pulling hot, stinky air from your grow room, pulling it through your carbon filter, and then blowing that scrubbed and odor-free air out of your grow space.     This causes the air pressure inside your grow tent/room to drop, which in turn pulls fresh cool air through your intake holes.    When you open the door to enter your room, as long as your fan is running, the open door acts as a passive intake......air is still being sucked into the room, and negative pressure will prevent unscrubbed, smelly air from escaping.
    Just make sure you get a good brand name filter (and not a cheap, no-name made in China filter) and you can grow whatever strain you choose.   The filter will remove 99 percent of the smell, and a little Ona takes care of the remaining 1% as well as acting as a back-up.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Yea that definitely helps I just wasn't sure if there would be enough neg pressure with the door open. Have you ever grown any reserva privada strains? If so what ones do you recommend? Thanks for your input I have learned so much from gc
  4. With that sized fan, you'll be fine.   No, I haven't grown any RP stuff....almost all their gear are kush crosses, and I personally don't follow all the Kush hype.
  5. Thanks a lot man. What strains have you had success with?
    I'm growing a Sour Kush outdoors right now and she's really stretchy compared to all my other stains (just wanted to give you a heads up). It could just be the individual pheno of the plant I'm growing, but I'd make sure to top and train early to control her height indoors just in case. I've also got the OG 18. The OG isn't quit as stretchy, but she's still tall, and is a pickier feeder than the Sour Kush.

    You should check out the Detroit Badass that a few blades are growing right now. Sticky B did some awesome things with his. Mine outdoors is an absolute beast with fan leaves bigger than dinner plates. It's an LA Con and Skunk cross. I can't wait till she buds. All the pics I've seen of her on here are really impressive. :)
  7. No problem.   So far I've grown:
    - Nirvana White Widow and Northen Lights for my first grow....very newbie friendly, had great results for first ever grow
    - Female Seeds C99, White Widow x Big Bud and Bubblegummer for second grow - phenomenal genetics, Female Seeds rocks.   The C-99 is the tastiest and most wonderful strain I've yet to try
    - Currently growing Female Seeds Grapefruit, Next Gen's Grape God, DNA's Chocolope and Barney's Blue Cheese.....about 3 weeks into flower, and so far so good!
  8. C99 has been one of my favorite strains to grow too.

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