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Question about storing your stash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavizard, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Whats the best way to store your stash?
    I've heard somewhere cool and dry, and maybe little pieces of paper too?
    Thanks :]

  2. i am also curious.

    i normally buy a half O a week. by the end of the week it has normally dried a bit and is becomming a little too dry.

    this week i have bought a O to last me a two weeks. so im going to be keeping longer than normal.

    i keep it in a baggie in a mason jar. what can i do to stop it drying so much?
  3. the fridge is always good. keeps it nice and fresh. if it's becoming to dry still, drop an orange peel in there :)
  4. Freezer anyone?
  5. hey I actuaslly tried this for the first time yesterday, I put the peel in at about 7pm yesterday and took it out just now (4:30pm). It worked perfectly! the bud was so dry, but now it looks just a few days old because it is loose but did i leave it in for too long??
  6. Its now been an hour an half since i took the peel out and it looks amazing!! i have about 3/4 of an ounce left now its brand new! horayyy *sparking blunt*
  7. haha glad i could help
  8. Is it bad to have dry weed? I always thought it was good (such a n00b aren't I?) but something about the dry crumbly bits and how easy they fire up...mmm. They may be a bit harsh, but my iron lungs can take anything! So what's the pros and cons of fresh/dry herbs?
  9. Store it up in a jelly jar or mason jar. Occasionally toss 1-2 orange peels in it for 2-3 hours if it is getting dry to spice it up ;).

    Desert_Toker, i'd have to say it is indeed bad to have dry weed just because it's harsher and more crumbly, gets everywhere. Getting some sticky nice dank and grinding it up in an electric coffee grinder can get the job done and pack a tight bowl and it will fire up just as good as you fire up your dry herb.
  10. sometimes if u wanna make it a lil moist

    put in the bag and breathe in it, seriously

    itll get more moist andhelp to pack if its really dry

    i did it about 3 times for myself

    but the peel works 2
  11. Yo thisisnotreal u think i could put a plastic jar with weed and an orange peel in the fridge? Would that keep it from drying out?........ thanks
  12. i HIGHly recommend everybody to use an empty metal tin can from a package of Altoid Sours. I've been using a container just like this one below me and it works perfectly. It's air tight, stealthy (for those worried about parents, cops etc), compact enough to fit in your pocket without annoying you and big enough to hold a little more than an 8th of buds.

    1.Usually your bud can be stored for about 3-4 weeks
    2. keep it in a dry environment with little air... if your bud gets too dry; you can put an orange peel in w/e container you are using over night. Leaving the orange peels sitting next to the bud in a container will moisten it a little but if you leave it in too long it might possibly mold.
  13. if i keep my grass in a the aloid case, and cover it in ice, would that be bad
  14. why the hell would you put ice... that would possibly damage your weed if your storing it
  15. He means put the weed in the can and the can in the ice... As long as the ice doesnt melt and seep into the can, its fine.
  16. Thanks a lot to everyone! Ill try all this fo sho.
  17. Yea you think putting the tin in the fridge would do anything?
  18. if your fridge gets to cold... it might create moisture inside the tin can making it a possibility that your weed might get ruined ... they say the dryer the better the smoke...
  19. o ok
  20. Just get a jar that keeps it nice and fresh.
    Use a orange peel if your weed is real dry.

    Dry is not better.. but neither is wet.

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