Question about soil vs hydroponics

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  1. What are the differences between planting in each? thanks for the help
  2. one the roots grow in the soil.....the other they grow in a special solution.........Peace out........Sid
  3. soil seems to be less time consuming, cheaper start-up costs, and takes longer to grow.

    Hydro, more expensive to start-up, requires a certain amount of time at a regular interval, shorter grow time, produces a better quality of smoke, and chicks dig hydro growers better :D
  4. lmao....yeah right....they dig guys that like to get there hands out.....Sid

  5. and be around guys who smell like manure... yeah right.. girls dig hydro growers much better than poop diggers. :p

  6. solution sniffer! out........Sid

    we're handy in the garden too!......and most chicks aint got a pond, so you're up shit creek without a paddle....lmao

  7. hydro growers are more than handy in the garden as well, hydro is something to indoors when the old man winter comes along.

    other folks would rather sit around a nice warm fireplace with a cup of cocoa in winter time.

    Hydro growers would rather sit around a nice warm grow light, hear the gentle gurgle of the air stone with a nice toasty j of 'Dro. :D
  8. thanks for the help fellas, obviously I knew that hydroponic roots are in the water and soil plants are in the dirt...I wanted to know like which one is better, time consuming, better yield?
  9. To be honest in my experiance there isn't much difference other than just the method which is obvious.

    I found this to be a very clean way in growing, i use resiviour trays, which at intervals during an hourly period the system pumps circulate the nutrient solution through the grow spreader matts. The trays are on a tilt which lets the water slowly trickle down and back into the water tank beneath which can hold about 40 ltrs per tray. These trays i have hold 5 plants per tray.

    I have had a few problems in the past with pythium (root rot), the problem using these active systems is that the whole system is linked and if one plant gets something the whole grow gets it.

    None active hydro systems:
    Cellmax (rockwool diced) can be pretty good aslong as drainage is taken into account, clay pebs placed at the bottom of the pot and with a 75%/25% mix with the medium can do a good job. Although if you have sensitive skin be aware, this is a shit to work with & can cause alot of skin problems to certain ppls. Personaly i don't like to work with this, it has tiny splinters which can cause quite a few medical problems (look it up).

    Soil / coco peat
    Coco peat comes from coconuts which has proven time & time again to many growers that this is a prefered growing medium, the product i use is sterilised & contains a huge amount of oxygen which can combat pythium (rootrot which can even combat it before it begins).

    With the tray systems i use i have to add liquid oxygen to keep the oxygen levels up in the tank.

    My advice to you would be to go with soil, if poss go with coco peat, in my experiance this is by far the best growing medium out on the market. I was once a hydro big upper, but now i think i'm going to have to change my name.

    I found that the root systems in coco peate to be stronger whiter and much more.

    Let me know which you choose.
  10. wherre can i get this coco pete
  11. any good garden store
  12. descrbibe the setup of the coco much, what size pot, etc? thanks for the help
  13. Al depends on where you live, are you in the uk?.

    Most garden centers wont provide coco peat, you can actualy look up in to find the closest grow shop for tropical plants i.e hydro centers which will always stock coco.

    It normaly works out about £10 a sack which normaly contains 50 litres, which would fill 5 great sized pots of 10 ltres per pot or less. I use 15 ltre pots because i like to grow humungas sized (kidding). I use this sized pot so as not to get them pot bound, but 10 litre pots should be quite sufficient. So now all you have to do is come up with how many plants you want to grow if you want 5 in 10 litre pots then one sack of coco peat which is £10 should be just fine.

    Hope this has helped.
  14. thanks for the help hydroponics...I will let you know what we pick out
  15. soil= natural and easy way

    hydro= more efficient more controlable enviroment

    ether will grow weed and ether will grow good weed only hydro lets you get a lil bigger yield and its easier to keep your plants healthy as long as you upkeep your system
  16. I don't know about where anybody else lives but in my state, if you're
    growing hydroponically, that's an automatic intent to distribute.

    You might want to check before deciding which way to go.

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