question about so cal dispensaries

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by yeskasmoketoke, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Last year in October or November i saw in the news that dispensaries in California where forced to shut and had 45 days notice to close down..i live in so Cal in my city about 2 closed down but a few still stayed im wondering how where they able to stay open without the feds coming in.
  2. Hmmmm.....kind of like my town spending almost a $1 mil on running one dispensary out of town. The guys has been raided by the feds twice and just reopened again. The others didn't receive equal treatment.

    Bottom line right now though is that according to the feds there are NO LEGAL dispensaries.
  3. The main reason there are still dispensaries anywhere in the country right now is because in the places where they do exist, they are usually supported by the local and state governments and not prosecuted by them so that leaves the DEA which is actually not a very large group to shut them down on their own. They have to build cases through surveillance and do all proper paperwork prior to even conducting a raid and with far less agents than cops the state or local police employ. So pretty much there are just too many dispensaries for them to raid and shut each one of them down individually.

    That's why they seem to be relying mainly on threats in the form of letters to the dispensaries and property owners that are leasing to the dispensaries to try and get a lot of them to close out of fear. They do go in a raid dispensaries occasionally to keep this fear alive and real for the people that run them, but a lot of the time they just confiscate records, weed, and money and don't actually charge the dispensary owners or employees with anything. Its mainly just a terror tactic to try and scare them into closing their doors without the Feds having to expend much time and effort into actually prosecuting them. Plus they confiscate tens of thousands of dollars during the raids.

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