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Question About Smoking With Tin Foil

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by -€®G1Θ, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. As of right now, the only way I can blaze is by using Tin Foil... :mad:

    But I wanted to know, does it make a difference on which side of the Tin Foil I use? Cause there is a shiny side, and a less shiny side, does it really matter? Is one side less safe then the other???

  2. I never thought that tinfoil was dangerous despite what people said although im probably wrong. I just thought about it because people wrap potatoes in tinfoil and cook them in a fire and then eat them and they dont have any bad results. But about the different sides, im not sure man
  3. Tin foil is bad for you, aluminum foil is less bad but you still shouldn't toke for excess amounts of time with it. Go buy a cheap metal hitter or something.
  4. use the thick tin pans for like baking shit, works very well
  5. My question is....Why?!
  6. They might melt, oxidize, and release a lot of harmful chemicals when you torch them...but not much harmful chemical. It's probably not more than a cigarette or one serving of the stuff the government puts in our water, so big deal.

    But it does taste bad, and that is a big deal.

    Why not try some apple. You can also use the top of a pepper shaker. You can make a good bowl out of a socket wrench bit and some duct tape.

    You can turn almost anything into a bowl that's made out of metal or wood (or apples!).

    Be resourceful and you don't have to resort to anything.
  7. WAAAAAY back in the day I always used the shiny side of the foil :)
  8. get a pack of papers, a blunt, a glass pipe...ANYTHING other than foil. If it has to wait until tomrrow so be it, don't waste the ganj with foil it's not worth it brotha.

    but...use the dull side if you have to haha
  9. i cannot stress how dangerous aluminum foil or tin foil is, their the same thing and will both kill you slowly

    when you smoke out of that shit, there is stuff in/on it that you are inhaling, and it's been prven to help cause alsheimers and shit like that. please guys, please follow advice and DON'T use Aluminum Foil
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    :confused: Let me stress this one more time..

    ALUMINUM FOIL DOESN'T HURT YOU. It cannot harm you. It is IMPOSSIBLE to melt, vaporize or inhale aluminum from smoking out of it with a BIC/butane/torch/etc. Aluminum foil has a melting point that EXCEEDS 1000 degrees F. Have any of you ever gone camping and wrapped your baked potatoes in foil and put them in a fire? It is common sense.


    Originally Posted by Scientific American (full article in link) concerning aluminum playing a role in Alzheimer's disease:

    "There is no proof, and the current consensus is that aluminum does not play a major role in the development of Alzheimer's disease. But because the causes of the disorder are not understood at this time, one cannot rule out the possibility that aluminum could play a minor role. In our Center, we do not recommend that people avoid aluminum cooking pans or aluminum-containing antiperspirants or antacids because there is little evidence that such lifestyle changes are helpful. Moreover, it is impossible to avoid ingesting a certain amount of aluminum, which is found naturally in food and water."

    "In the mind of many scientists, if aluminum plays a role it is most probably a secondary one. The reasoning for this position is based on the fact that aluminum is one of the most abundant and pervasive elements. It is found everywhere--it is in the water we drink, it is in the dust we breathe, it is in many of he substances we use every day such as coke in glass bottles, food preservatives, many cosmetics and food dyes. Even if we stop using pots and pans or underarm deodorants, it will be virtually impossible to avoid aluminum. Given this type of exposure of the general population, if aluminum is playing a major role then one would expect the numbers of people affected by Alzheimer's to be much higher than they are found in epidemiological studies."

    EDIT: PS, you can find/confirm any of this info online if you search for it. I'd encourage you to try and prove me wrong. If more people spent any time researching things they said before spouting off at the mouth they would be a whole lot more informed.
  11. they are not enhaling the molecules when they do this and your body fights off dangerous cells that you digest. not so much that you enhale.
  12. You aren't inhaling any vapor or molecules. In order for you to inhale some aluminum vapor you would have to change that from a solid to a vapor. That takes a whole lot of heat, way more than can be produced by a butane lighter. If you can't melt aluminum, you can't change it into a vapor.

  13. Laugh now, but when I die of cancer from smoking out of a home-made tinfoil pipe with a mig welder, you're going to feel REALLY bad...

    I love when people relate aluminum to Alzheimer's. Read a medical journal sometime, don't just take medical advice from Grey's Anatomy.
  14. I imagine that would be some harsh smoking.
  15. THANK YOU! :D

    In desperation i can see why, but go buy a piece man! foil sucks!
  16. What people may not be realising here is that tin/aluminium foil has other chemicals added to it for food conservation purposes. The foil is never pure metal. one side is shiny because of added chemicals, probably plastics. These could release poisonous vapours when heated
  17. Wouldn't medical marijuana cancel out the effects? :bongin:
  18. I really just don't think it's as bad for you as a lot of blades make it out to be. I did it for a couple of months when i didn't really know any better and i was just starting out.

    But now i do know better and honestly, If you can afford to buy weed you can afford to buy some mats. you can buy a pack of rolling papers for like 99 cents. There's a stash can on ebay that comes with 400 rolling papers, a rolling machine, a grinder and a lighter for 17.99. and you can find a decent cheap spoon at your local gas station. step your game up bro.
  19. I just smoked a ton of weed out of a pipe my friend just made..... he made it in seconds, not having a preference of side and folded it a ton of times so that the heat dissipates... though it still got too hot...

    I've always used vaps and bongs... when I hit it after he did... I tasted metal and saw green flames and when I looked at the tin foil it had caught fire itself, not just the weed, and the metal was sparking.
  20. You guys might want to take a peek at these!

    How aluminum, an intracellular ROS generator promotes hepatic and neurological diseases: the metabolic tale. (How aluminum messes with your liver, brain and nerves)
    How aluminum, an intracellular ROS generat... [Cell Biol Toxicol. 2013] - PubMed - NCBI

    Fenugreek seeds, a hepatoprotector forage crop against chronic AlCl(3) toxicity. (Fenugreek seed protects the liver from aluminum poisoning- makes a nice flavored tea, too.) Fenugreek seeds, a hepatoprotector forage crop a... [BMC Vet Res. 2013] - PubMed - NCBI

    Heck, most of you won't read the studies, so why am I wasting my time! :cool:

    Do a little hands-on experiment, hold some foil in a flame for a few minutes. Observe as it shrivels a bit and turns red (1st stage of melting)! The piece I just used even developed some small holes with just a match flame! LOOK AT YOUR FOIL! How has it changed? Does it tear easier? Does it seem weaker, thinner? Where will those missing atoms go if you use aluminum to smoke with? :eek:

    Granny :wave:

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