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Question about smoking and driving

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shevanel, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Consider this scenario:

    You're smoking a j as you drive. A cop pulls you over as you drive, but you eat the j before he can see it. Oh, and as you were smoking it, you had the window down about half way to ash and blow smoke out, so the smell is there, but it won't wreak. The cop comes up and says he smells it or your eyes are red or some shit and ends up searching you and the car, but will find nothing.

    Would you get any charges? Would the cop make you take a sobriety test? If so, what would that be?
  2. They have saliva tests that are being used by more and more Police Departments. If they happened to see you eat it you can also be charged with destroying evidence.

    Just don't smoke and drive. It's irresponsible anyways not to mention a legal risk.

  3. not to mention stupid ignorant and selfish!
  4. This reminds me of the awesome idea someone posted a while back: Walk around with a blunt tied to a balloon, if a cop comes up just let go and watch the blunt float off into the distance.:wave:

  5. :eek: Yes...Yes!!!!
  6. Sure. Like the cop is just going to watch the ballon fly away and not see the blunt attached to it...

    In my area, I never heard of anyone speaking of saliva tests, but I know it does exist in other countries. If the police officer does not make you pass a saliva test, then you should be allright if he doesn't see you eating the rest of your joint.

    I wouldn't recommend smoking and driving at the same time, but I know that in reality it is so fun and tempting. Just hope you won't bump into a police officer while doing so :eek:

  7. if your going to smoke and drive, smoke before you go out driving, that way there is no risk of anything being in your car. Honestly though, unless it's necessary, you really shouldn't be smoking and driving to begin with.
  8. You can get charged with a DUI if they can prove that you are under the influence.

    As for smoking and driving. We used to do that ALL the time, roll some blunts in the back seat while a bowl is being passed. It helped to always have girls with us for a bowl to boob stash job. Our cars had some REALLY good hiding places that couldnt be found unless you knew about it or took the dash off. All through high school and a few years after I never got caught while driving (or for smoking at all), did have a couple of close calls though.

    I never really understood why people frown on driving and smoking. Driving high and drunk are very different. When high we never did stupid stuff, usually stuck to the speed limit or lower than, and seemed to be more cautious. Never got into an accident, never really even came close. I would say that a lot of times I was a safer driver high than sober. Then again I was a hellion behind the wheel when sober.

    Check out these videos.
    [ame=]YouTube - The RIGHT Way to Handle a Police Stop[/ame]

  9. Driving with a slight buzz is one thing. Driving while blazed out of one's mind is irresponsible and dangerous. Also, the very act of smoking while you are driving is a distraction and is dangerous in and of itself.

  10. How is driving when stoned dangerous? Ive been totally blitzed and driven, nothing happened and the sober kid in the car said later that I drove fine, if he didnt know I was high, he wouldnt have guessed anything was up.

    Ever smoke a cig while driving? Whats the difference between that and a blunt? Someone in the back rolls it, sparks it and passes it up. The only difference is you have to pass it to the person sitting next to you. A bowl on the other hand is a bit different than a blunt, as long as you are careful and pay attention to the road, I seriously dont think smoking and driving is bad.

    I wouldnt drive untill I understand how the weed will affect you. A new smoker I do agree shouldnt drive high.

    No disrespect to your opinion at all, but I have to disagree.

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