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Question about smoking a bowl in a room with a smoke detector

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ivanfeg, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys can tell me how safe I am smoking a bowl in a room with a smoke detector? I saw a post on here that mentioned a joint but wasn’t sure about a bowl. I’m getting a bowl from a local dispensary here and it’s a small glass pipe. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  2. I have NEVER ran into that being an issue......i mean you would have'll be fine. I mean unless you have like 30 people in there hot boxing it allllll hitting bongs and bowls and J's at once....if not, smoke freely IMO
  3. I doubt it would set it off unless, like previous poster said, party hotbox.

    Pretty sure I've blown smoke at one before and it didn't go off. Especially a bowl you should have no worrys

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  4. I smoke in my apt problems....detector is about 10 feet away.........your good bro
  5. if It’s not hard wired just pull the battery in it
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  6. you'll be fine although I am assuming since you're worried about the smoke detector, you shouldn't be smoking in that room. so you won't have to worry about the smoke alarm going off, you'll have to worry about the smell.
  7. nah.............towel at the bottom of the door.........bathroom vent going...which isn't REALLY'll be OK......the smell will dissipate once you are done.
  8. I've heard wetting the towel a bit helps but pff why go through the extra work? you'll be ok as kronik mentioned
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  9. Hi all, thanks fore all the help. Since the smell will be present, is there any surefire way to make sure it goes away quickly? I have a ceiling fan on the roof and window air conditioner so I can’t open the window but I can run the conditioner. With that and a towel under the door do you think that would be enough? That and fabreeze everywhere? Should I spray after every hit or after every session?
  10. Why can't you go outside to smoke dude? Then the only thing that will smell of weed is whatever you're wearing lol
  11. you might as well walk & toke buddy to avoid all the bullshit, it isn't a great high when you're all paranoid of the smell. trust me, I went through this exact situation at my parents house. i'm sure a whole lot of us did.

    anyhow, if you MUST smoke inside... here are a few tips.

    you need a few dryer sheets, rubber band/hair tie and a toilet paper roll (with no toilet paper of course) -

    stuff some of the sheets into the roll and take the final one and wrap it on the outside, use the bands to keep in place and blow all smoke through it. this is a old ass trick and it works too. but do not 100% rely on it.

    you wanna stick to glass (bongs/bowls) because they create less of a smell than a joint/blunt would because of the constant burning

    you will want to have your air conditioner running because theoretically it is filling the room with fresh air rather than the secondhand smoke you've been putting out.

    you will want to maybe wet the towel (don't let it sit for that long because of mildew) - this will stop any smell from getting through the bottom of the door completely. (believe it or not, if you smoke enough.. you can stand at the door and still smell it regardless.

    you will want to invest it something more stronger than febreeze, they sell smoke odor killers at gas stations and shit. they do online as well. you wanna spray around your room but MOST IMPORTANTLY you wanna spray the hell out of your doorframe so if someone comes in you'd hope the weed aroma is distorted by all the spray on the doorframe

    I wouldn't use your ceiling fan I feel as if that'd just toss the smell around the room like a bunch of bouncy balls

    the only problem I see in the end tbh is the air conditioner, it'd be better to have a fan and an open window than an air conditioner but that's my opinion

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